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4/13/12 10:00 A

thanks for your advice:)

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4/10/12 10:12 P

i went and looked at the link you attached

calorie wise, fat-wise, and sugar-wise it's ok. then I looked up the ingredients, and it includes: fructose and maltodextrin as two of the top 5 ingredients. Fructose is, of course, a sugar and came out as the second most used ingredient in the yogurt. Maltodextrin is also a sugar that is typically used in a lot of processed foods; it came out as 5th. active yogurt cultures came out as 8th, but that's to be expected because it's a frozen yogurt

well, i think integrating it INTO your eating habits is fine, but it's best to not revolve your diet around it either, despite it's low calorie content. (besides its also pretty low in protein and fiber) moderation, i guess!

4/10/12 3:55 P

The local ice cream shop in my town sells this frozen yogurt called Only 8. The brand claims to have 32 calories per 1/2 cup (40g), is all natural, and only has 8 ingredients. This is the link:
I just want to know if this is legitimate or not because honestly, it sounds too good to be true....

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