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4/24/13 12:06 P

I know they say 2lbs. but with working out in the pool am hoping for 2-3 lbs. on most weeks!!! I really need to be able to reach my first goal by my anniversary!!! I want it to be the journey of a lifetime and getting to my first goal in time would be awesome..I thought it wouldn't be an issue since I was down by 16 the first 3 wks.(so I thought),until I figured out my scale needed a new battery and it turned out I was only down by 6.If I don't reach 1st. goal exactly on time plan ,I won't be devastated as long as I'm fairly close!!!

But thanks for asking!!!

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4/24/13 9:02 A

Does SP say that almost 3 pounds a week is safe for you? I am a bit under you and it says to only lose 1-2 pounds a week. Mainly i am about 1/2 a week. load up on veggies and put in some fruit.
You don't have to use them, but look at the spark menus. They may help balance out your plate.

1NANNY4 SparkPoints: (2,755)
Fitness Minutes: (1,660)
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4/23/13 2:48 P

Ok,so I figured out my scales issue only to realize my first goal is less than 16 wks. away and thought I was going strong until I realized my wt. loss was only 6lbs in 3 weeks not 16!!! ugh!!! But am not giving up I need to lose 2.75 lbs. a week to get there.
Any helpful suggestions welcome!! I have real issues meal planning for myself!!! HELP PLEASE!!!
I love veggies,stk.,meatloaf,ckn. and allergic to all shell fish!!! I love fruit but can't seem to figure out how to balance my plate....

allie emoticon

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