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12/21/13 10:28 A

Thank you, Olga! That seems to be more of a print it out and do it on paper. I'm okay with that, if that's the only thing that's out there.

But, in this age of technology (yes, I'm being melodramatic here), isn't there something to use online that saves your progress on a virtual map? Someone out there must have the answer.

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12/21/13 6:48 A

Maybe try here:

SHELLB7 Posts: 3,042
12/20/13 11:38 P

I'm trying to motivate myself to walk more, and I'd like to find a site that can map a virtual walk, like walking from Chicago to New York where I could track myself every day and it could tell me where I am.

I know there are sites out there, but some needed a log in or didn't seem to have what I was looking for. I thought I'd better ask first before I start setting up accounts. Does anyone have a good site for this, that's also easy and free, that you could recommend?


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