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MOLLYSGAN Posts: 481
11/4/12 12:19 P

Yes, celery too and cheese !!!!!!!1

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11/4/12 2:30 A

You put onion and bell pepper in your oatmeal??

KATHARINE1948 Posts: 17,392
11/3/12 7:33 P


11/3/12 7:30 P

My eyes are tired because I thought it said you sauteed them in bleach!! OMG time for a break!! I always chop them up and freeze them! Then I can pull them out to throw them in a dish whenever I need something spiced up!

MOLLYSGAN Posts: 481
11/3/12 5:00 P

Bell Pepper & Onion can be use in varies ways, I sauteed them in batch, some time use as a side dish, some days just add it in the oatmeal or grits, easy and great taste.

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