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4/6/13 8:57 P

Once you set your mind to it, the program you choose to structure your routine is less important. I have done WW with good success and many successful years of maintenance; I am now doing Sparks with equal success so far. Both are great - the absolute KEY aspect of BOTH plans, is the journalling. Tracking your food and getting accustomed to portion sizes is the most important thing you can do - whether you count by points or by calories doesn't matter so much, just "personal preference" more than anything, really.

Good luck to you!

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4/6/13 8:15 P

I've done well with both programs at different times, Kim, but given the situation of having to be home with your mother (and a big pat on the back for being such a devoted daughter!), I am sure that with Spark's excellent tracking tools, you can do every bit as well as you would in WW. Actually, I think Spark's outlook on food and tracking is more doable in a real-life world than assigning cumbersome points to everything. I have never tried to print out Spark's food trackers so am unaware if that's possible, but I'm sure another member can tell you.

I successfully lost all of my weight - and have maintained it - here.

So, welcome! Wishing you much success with whichever avenue you choose :)

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4/6/13 8:05 P

I've done both Weight Watchers and Sparkpeople. My first attempt was WW where I lost 50 pounds and kept it off for about 5 years. I really needed the accountability of weekly meetings. I was paying all that money so I was going to take it seriously every week to reach my goal. No excuses about not working out or eating something bad and starting my diet over again on Monday. It was like throwing away the money I had spent. Now this second time around I don't want to spend the money because I really know what I need to do. That's why Spark is great. It helps you track food and exercise and you can get support from the message boards for free at any time of the day or night.

So it really depends on what motivates you. If you are self motivated then Spark is great. If you think you need the accountability of weighing in weekly with others to keep you in check then WW might be better. I think they are similar in that they promote tracking your food and making healthier choices. Both programs let you eat the foods you like as long as they fit into your calorie (or WW points) range.

Maybe really commit here for a month and see how it works for you since it's free. Good luck with whatever program you choose.

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4/6/13 5:57 P

i agree. this place is great. and best part is you dont have to wait till the one day a week for a meeting to get advise or help

4/6/13 5:56 P

Hi Terri,

So is SparkPeople similar to WW in any way?

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/6/13 5:49 P

why put out money for something where sparks is free. Use all that sparks has to offer. God found sparks for me. It has been such a good resource for weight loss for me. Good luck in this. You can do this. Go get the body you want.....!

4/6/13 2:39 P

I hope this is the right message board to ask this. But here goes. I am trying to decide between a weigh loss group I have to pay for and attend meetings or Spark People to start my weight loss and to keep track, just am confused on which one to use. I am not able to go to meetings due to having my 81 year old mother living with me and no one to be at home with her. But I wonder if Spark People is like the othre weight loss program, with the points system and all. I knwo my husband woudl love for me to not have to spend any more money than need be. So if anyone could please give me some insight on SparkPeople I woudl very much appreciate it. I have been a member for a long time just have not been able to actually start a diet routine but now and ready to start one. Also, does SparkPeople have printable food trackers you can print and carry with you? Thank you so much for your help! Kim H

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