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1/20/13 11:13 P

Wow,,,thanks for some new ideas. I've tried sundried tomatoes, lentils, talapia.

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
1/20/13 10:53 P

I bought some vietnamese mint/hot mint the other day.... was delicious in soup. My focus is on trying to cook something new at least once a week and have done great since started in Jan...
Made ricotta gnocchi (yum), an egyptian lentil and potato dish (was great and used spices I don't usually use), a feta and cucumber salad/dip with lots of dill and mint (yum), and yesterday made red onion marmalade - which is delicious with cheese..

1/13/13 5:21 P

Skinnybeginning....Let me know how it was and what to do with it too.

1/11/13 6:14 A

Thanks for the suggestion. I saw a new fruit today in the supermarket called Buddah's fruit. It sparked my curiosity. Even the grocer didn't know what to do with it. This will be fun.

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1/9/13 3:49 P

It's really fun to look for something different and try a new food. Today ginger chew.

MOMMYTWO0416 Posts: 52
1/9/13 7:17 A

I do this also! I try to prepare and eat one thing a week that is new. I don't have too much choice of what new recipe to try since my husband is so picky about food! But I do make lots of Spark recipes and my children and husband LOVE them!

1/8/13 8:27 P

Thanks for the ideas....Today I'm trying a pepino melon.

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
1/7/13 2:47 P

Not sure I could do one a day ... but once a week? Certainly.

In 2012 the things that were new to me were quinoa & amaranth, wheat berries, all manner of greens (except spinach, which I'd always loved), tempeh, and sardines.

I bought some millet last week and that's what I'm going to try this week.

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-POOKIE- Posts: 12,210
1/7/13 9:36 A

Thats a great idea, I love trying new things, not sure I could find one a day to try though already tried so much! I will pretty much try anything once!

1/6/13 2:42 P

So I have been trying to eat one new food that I have never tried or something I have not tried in a long time.

Things I have tried so far: Endive, Spinach, Indonesian Spinach Soup.

Anyone have some other ideas of food they have tried and liked.

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