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4/22/14 6:04 P

Welcome aboard!


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4/22/14 4:46 P

you can do it x

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4/22/14 1:00 P

Yes, you can do it. I have hypothyroid and asthma making losing weight and exercising rougher than the norm...not as rough as you have it though. But even with your challenges, it's not impossible. Find exercises you can do. You may not be able to walk for long periods but can you for 5 minutes at a time? And do it a couple times a day. Maybe shadow boxing which is what got me started on exercising. Also search for exercises that you can do that would not hurt your back. Also look for low calorie foods...many fruits and veggies are of course...but when i have had enough of the "healthy" stuff and just wanna snack...i turn to also post motivational quotes around you and look at them to remind you that YES, you can do this. emoticon

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4/22/14 10:55 A

Hi my fellow dieters, I am a banker too much sitting, eating and disregard for nutrition. I have always had issues with my weight because I have no Thyroid grand and I can't exercise due to two back surgeries. But anyway I start the diet and a few days later I just leave it. I really need to loose weight I want to be able to look nice in clothes and at 198 pounds and 5' 3" its not very nice. My goal is 160 pounds.


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