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9/13/13 1:45 P

I'm IN the NW area! MAYBE it was the same stupid cookie cause it was also one that came from a local caterer of some sort. And no, not worth it. It was flat and not chock full of nuts or anything, I dont really believe it was 450 calories but logged it as such. Grrrr!!!!

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9/10/13 4:04 P

Ha! I thought the same thing recently :)
Schwartz Brothers Bakery (northwest area) had a packaged oatmeal raisin cookie in a boxed lunch.. i thought sweet treat after lunch .. i'll just eat half. NOPE.
It was 450 calories for the entire cookie per label packaging - that cookie lasted me one small bite a day for few weeks.

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9/10/13 11:22 A

I hope for that many calories it tastes amazing. I could hardly imagine it would be worth it.

9/10/13 11:22 A

Mind-boggling, isn't it?!

It doesn't actually surprise me at all, now --- I make an oatmeal cookie that is 130ish calories each, but I use applesauce instead of oil and only 1/4 cup of brown sugar for the batch of 20. A similar recipe that I saw uses 1 cup of oil and 2 (yup, really!) cups of sugar. That would make the calorie count over 400 easily, and that's before adding any nuts or raisins or chocolate.

I'm constantly shaking my head when I see the calorie and nutrition counts on purchased items and compare them to what I make myself...

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9/9/13 7:36 P

Could be...
We have a medium sized, gooey cookie in our café that has the same amount--nuts, chocolate, etc.


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9/9/13 6:55 P

So I was trapped at lunch because my door badge stopped working temporarily. I was hungry and that oatmeal cookie in my desk wanted to be freed from the drawer. My fault for storing it but can one, not two or 3, slightly larger oatmeal chocolate chip cookie really be 450 calories? That's what the packaging states! There is no brand name so I can't verify it online. I'm so angry with this cookie, lol!!

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