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HONEY777 Posts: 203
1/24/12 8:17 P

yay for you!! I did the "new year resolution" nutrition and exercise and I think by recording on SP and seeing how many points I can get has been a plus for me. When I did the BMI and weight on my Wii Fit tonight it finally went down! The BMI is what was concerning me 'cause it seemed like it kept going up. It's nice to see results isn't it? Congrats to you!

SUZKING57 SparkPoints: (1,403)
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1/24/12 7:57 P

I did it - watched and tracked what I ate and lost 2 pounds!! Had foot surgery 6 weeks ago and hopefully I will get this boot off my foot and released to starting exercising again when I go to the doctor tomorrow. emoticon

2012 - a new year....a new me - healthy and fit! Keep focused and have fun along the way!
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