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DENRNAJ SparkPoints: (86,908)
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2/20/13 1:53 A

great job!

Make it happen- just one step at a time!
RAKRHYME SparkPoints: (13,380)
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2/19/13 11:04 P

wow! amazing feat!
So proud of you :)

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice YOU made!
MSMAKEOVER SparkPoints: (175,827)
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2/19/13 10:15 P


“When you're a beautiful person on the inside, there is nothing in the world that can change that about you. Jealousy is the result of one's lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance.

The Lesson: If you can't accept yourself, then certainly no one else will.”

-Sasha Azevedo-
LOTUS737 Posts: 2,033
2/14/13 11:23 A

That's AMAZING! Congrats! :)

Current goal:
-8 pounds (32 total) by October

Healthy choices and actions have positive impacts, even if the scale doesn't move!
2/14/13 11:23 A

Oh my goodness, that is so AWESOME! Congrats! What a fantastic Valentine's Day gift to yourself.


CANSHEDOIT SparkPoints: (373)
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2/14/13 10:57 A

I can't believe it! So happy! Thanks so SparkPeople and SparkFriends for the encouragement and support!

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