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12/26/14 5:01 P

I'm looking forward to starting the New Year! We're going to do the 100 Days of Weight Loss again - it has been very beneficial, but I'm still actually maintaining rather than losing. 2015 is an opportunity for me to do more exercise and eat less food!

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
10/26/14 9:23 A

I completed the 100 Days of Weight Loss with Linda Spangle book -and it has become the mainstay of my health journey - the team is wonderfully supportive too.

We're currently working through another book of her's - Friends with the Scale - and that's interesting too - I'm weighing myself every morning, and doing a weekly average of weight - and I am gradually reducing my weight.

I'm doing an exercise video pretty much every day - either a core workout, or a cardio one - and that's cool.

I'm planning for a good Xmas too.

On my Spark page I'm currently using the 100 Days book to investigate how I relate emotionally to money (as well as food)

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
9/10/14 9:30 A

I've been off work for 3 day with an URTI virus. I had been getting exhausted at work and was fighting off the bugs people around me had - hanging on for my two weeks' annual leave coming up at the end of September. Then on Monday I woke up with vertigo - which made it impossible for me to go to work. Tuesday was a day off anyway, and my boss said 'take Wednesday off and look after yourself' - so I did. I've had three gentle days at home.

I am on Day 69 of the 100 Days of Weight Loss with Linda Spangle - and I have to say, I am noticeably not eating my way through my days off! I've not felt desperate to eat.

Today, for example, I had a very small breakfast at about 10.30am - it's almost 3pm and I'm just thinking about eating again. I have some lovely soup about ready in my slow cooker (minestrone) - and some lentil/quinoa taco mixture in the fridge for later.

I've been doing weights - and that feels good.

I'm going to buy some weighing scales and start monitoring my weight again - and do Linda Spangle's 'Friends with the Scale' book.


RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
8/27/14 7:47 A

Day 55 of the 100 Day challenge - Linda Spangle - and really coming face-to-face with the emotional stuff - and challenging myself to come up with ways to handle it without food.

I've been doing just a few dumbell exercises - arms at the moment

I've discovered Cain Carroll on YouTube doing Taoflow (a fusion of yoga and Qi Gong) which I really like - I like moving exercises

I am beginning to get into regular running again - I have some minimalist trainers (Vibobarefoot) and am enjoying getting out on the coast path to run/walk

I am battling a low mood at the moment - maybe it's the rapid onset of Autumn after a very short summer, maybe it's the shortage of money, maybe it's work stress, maybe it's a virus/cold, maybe it's unlocking the emotional foundations of my eating - who knows.

COWARDLYLION59 Posts: 1,750
7/24/14 12:16 P

Wow I wish you nothing but the best of luck Cookie! that is awesome. I am going to challenge myself in doing 21 DAY FIX from Beach Body. It's a easy steps of portion control and dvd of exercise. I hope by September when I have my 55 birthday I can say I lost 10 lbs, small steps usually works.

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
7/24/14 11:42 A

I'm 20 days in to the 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle - it's a great team and a very interesting book to work through.

I'm learning a lot! mostly about self-control!

Today I baked a batch of six Almond Muffins - which are high protein, low carb creations with soy flour, almonds, eggs, low fat creme fraiche etc - they look wonderful. I am pleased that I managed to NOT lick the bowl, or any of the spoons whilst I was making them. And when they came out of the oven I covered them with a cloth, then went outside with a cup of tea and a Suduku puzzle to distract myself! I have one on my planned menu for breakfast tomorrow!

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
6/29/14 9:00 A

29.6.14 I've got 5 days left on the 100 day challenge I set for myself doing one good thing each day - it's been worthwhile, but I haven't lost weight or increased my fitness.

I started re-reading David Kessler's book on overeating - which has kick-started me again to overcome this constant battle with food!

I have just joined a team doing Linda Spangle's 100 day programme - which looks like it's worth working through.

I've done 6 days sticking to my meal plans - which is good! Long may it last!

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
5/20/14 6:49 A

I'm past the half-way stage in a 100 day challenge I set for myself to do one good thing each day. The idea was to focus on the positives and get out of the habit of beating myself up for not sticking to some rigid plan for eating or exercising. I haven't lost weight, but I have been doing more yoga, and eating more moderately. I am now thinking that perhaps my challenge is too random - and next time I might be more specific. I guess this is the same idea as 'streaks' really! Spark has it all!

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3/8/14 7:02 A

I have been tracking for the past 6 weeks or so, and finding it very fiddly. So I decided to try another Sparker's techinque for rounding calories up to 50, and tracking it on paper. This has been really successful for me - over the past week I've lost 2lbs without doing any extra exercise or anything. I think taking my eye of the minutiae has been beneficial.

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2/4/14 7:33 A

I have been tracking my food consistently for over a month now - maybe 6 weeks - and it is interesting to see how a few good days are almost always followed by a mini-binge of over-eating.

I've read all the stuff about emotional eating - I know all the theory. What I can't seem to do is apply it at that crucial moment (ie when I'm feeling worn out and someone asks too much of me - or hours' later, I don't see that the eating is linked to what happened earlier in the day)

I work with adults with learning disabilities - and we call it 'support'. Several of them have weight issues and we talk about 'supporting them with healthy eating'. I've been thinking that maybe I could try thinking of 'ME' as a 'person I support' - and try the thought, "I am supporting myself with healthy eating" - sort of me-to-me talk.

The science about hind-brain, mid-brain and recognizing the messages as coming from the hind-brain - or whatever - makes sense, but it doesn't help me stop doing it! I have to break the pattern that seems to want to 'sabotage' my efforts to stick to healthy eating, or 'rewards' myself with wrong foods for what I've perceived as a tough time - either upset, tired, angry etc.

So - here goes "I am supporting myself with healthy eating"

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1/8/14 7:31 A

I've signed up for the Winter 5% Challenge - which starts around 20th January - 2 months of challenge to lose around 7lbs

Am tracking consistently - this is good for me!

Am also going to post links here for meal ideas I've got from Karen's vlogs - because she does such great, easy stuff and I really love her vlogs. But because she vlogs every day - it is sometimes hard to go back and find the meal idea I was thinking of!

I am still doing the 12 days of Xmas workout - Coach Nicole thing - cardio and strength/toning. Also doing weights.

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1/8/14 7:28 A

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
12/14/13 11:06 A

14 December 2013

My weight has crept up a bit and I'm feeling lumpy round the middle.
I'm using a sort of star chart to track the exercise and self-care I do daily - and that is proving to be a useful tool, as it's really visual - so I can't ignore it!
I've just decided to start tracking my food intake again - on SparkPeople - because I'm obviously eating too much as I've put on weight.
Christmas time is a great time to start doing it as it's a real high-risk time of the year for me!

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
7/15/13 4:36 P

Time for an update : running has paused following a cold, then a new boyfriend! But am planning to get back into it again! Hooping is sporadic. Strength training has fizzled out again - why is it so hard to keep it up? I'm not doing any challenges - but I have just started to learn Kundalini Yoga - have done yoga for years (on and off) but felt drawn to investigate this because I really want to unlock my body from the layers and layers of emotional stuff I have held in there! So am getting up half and hour earlier every morning and doing yoga - which feels good. Still eating a very simple low-carb diet - which I am really enjoying. I can really immediately feel the negative effect of eating any carb (or drinking it!) which is a really good motivator to stick on that path.

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5/11/13 9:18 P

awesome job and convo

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
5/11/13 5:25 P

I'm doing well with the running.
My strength training seems to have fizzled out again!
My hoop is gathering dust.
I am experimenting with low-carb recipes.

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
4/23/13 1:26 P

I've given up on the Tame you Sweet tooth challenge!
But I have started the Mindful Eating challenge instead

My hoop is being a bit neglected!
But I am doing really well with my running.

My weight hasn't changed much!
But my bottom and thighs are slimmer.

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
4/14/13 11:03 A

14.9. 13
I'm back in the groove foodwise; making juices and smoothies, healthy snacks, good vegan meals. Feel much better for it - but how to make it last? There is so much helpful stuff on Spark People - blogs, vlogs, articles etc - I'm taking on new ideas all the time.
I'm enjoying running - getting to be able to run for longer - up to 12 mins now I think (before I have to stop and walk); the sugar thing seems OK - I have to stay off sweets, biscuits, packets of things - I can manage to eat something like a flapjack, as long as it's big enough to satisfy me and heavy enough on the oats!
Juicing again is a really great move. I am thinking that I will do more juices and smoothies when I'm at home, and at work I will take more easily-portable stuff, like the bagels, or fruit and nut bars etc. I'm fed up of trying to carry mountains of food in different containers - the salad, the pates, the wraps, the dressings, the yoghourt etc etc. Am figuring out how to make it easier for myself whilst I'm at work.
I definitely manage better when I PLAN my meals and snacks - I have six meals a day - spread out every 2-3 hrs - this seems to work for me.
I haven't weighed myself, and I don't think I'm feeling much slimmer - but that's OK.
I found a website (thanks to someone on the message boards) that helps you calculate calorie needs - and I've adjusted my calorie goals down slightly on the tracker.

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
4/9/13 12:33 P

Am thinking about why I always gravitate back to eating less well - and I know it's mostly about emotional stuff - and it holds me back, deliberately! When I feel overwhelmed or tired, I eat! It stops me, it slows me down, it gives me an excuse to feel bad about myself and to hide under the duvet!

I've just sat down and planned meals for the next 3 day - to try and get back on track. I've got a bit of a sinus cold, which is making me feel bleah, but am aiming to rest, eat well, and get back onto a healthy path.

I love feeling well, healthy, fit and strong - what is that part of me that doesn't like me doing that, and tries to pull me back down again?

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
4/6/13 1:25 P

thanks x

CHERIJ16 Posts: 2,222
4/6/13 11:42 A

I've had a few days like that too! emoticon emoticon

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
4/4/13 12:18 P

4th March 2013
Having a bit of an off-day - eaten bread and butter, crisps, peanuts, bombay mix, ice-cream - all in moderate serving sizes, but all kind of 'binge' material! An early night beckons!

Water - was doing really well increasing by a glass a day - but got stuck on 4 cups a day - today I've only had 1! Oh well, start again tomorrow!

Running - was doing really well, but now have missed about 6 days I think - bleah! Oh well, start again!

Strength training - did a really good session yesterday - now I'm so stiff around my thighs and hips that I can hardly move, let alone run!

The Sneaky Devil - have been off sugar for 6 days, but had a small ice-cream today - so that streak is broken too!

All in all, it seems to be a bit of an off-day (or two) - and the challenge is to just 'get back on the horse'!

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3/29/13 6:28 A

29th February 2013

I'm in Week 3 of the Run 5k challenge - and there's 9 weeks until my first charity 5k race - so I'm doing fine with this and loving it. I have started reading the Chi Running book and am taking it on board.

I'm just starting Week 3 of the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge and I've been sugar-free for 5 days now! Feel much better for it - but must remember that I'm not eating sugar! Calling my craving 'The Sneaky Devil' is working for me - I have mental conversations with it in the shops and in social situations where it's trying to get me to make sugar-choices!

I'm making a big effort to track my food - even though I find this tedious - especially because I mostly make my own food - and it's a pain to measure carrots and kale and stuff - so mostly I'm tracking something similar from the lists.

I'm getting my nutritional balance a bit better - bringing down the carbs and fats and doing OK. Some days I've been under-calories, so had to eat something deliberately! I've never done that before!!!! Checking out the Spark Diet stages - eating deliberately comes into it I think - so I'm on the right track I think.

My weight hasn't changed (but I'm not over-weight) - but my measurements have gone down a little - so I'm toning up I think.

All good. I am now approaching Easter at work - so I am going to make sure I have my carob bars and some popcorn to graze on if the craving gets to me!

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3/22/13 2:12 P

22nd February 2013
I have had an interesting week on the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge - and come to the conclusion that I must go cold turkey on sugar - and pay more serious attention to balancing everything I eat so that I never eat just carbs.

It's not been such a great week for the running. The weather, and my work shifts, have come together to put obstacles in the way - but I'm not daunted - if I have to repeat a week that really doesn't matter.

I've been making myself track all my food this past week - and that's been helpful - I am getting closer to the recommended targets. I still tend to have more carb and less protein than they say - but I'm not totally convinced about the protein as a vegan.

I've started eating more raw foods again - and this is a really positive thing.

I joined the Mindful Eating Team - I've dabbled with Mindfulness before, and I think this might be key for me.

I'm still not drinking water - nowhere near enough!

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3/16/13 12:04 P

16 February 2013
emoticon I felt very pleased with myself for completing a walk/jog 5k this morning! I've now signed up for the next programme, which is to be able to jog 5k without walking. In the course of checking out the running teams, I came across Chi Running - and I've just ordered a book and a metronome! It sounds like something I would love - so looking forward to that.

emoticon Foodwise, I ate a whole packet of cookies yesterday: cookies that I had bought for entertaining visitors tomorrow! I can NOT have the darn things in the same room as myself (at least not at the moment). I think I really do need to join the Spark Tame Your Sweet Tooth challenge (or whatever it's called)

I did my budget and found I had a little more shopping money available to me, so I went and bought a bunch of stuff I can use to make raw recipes with. Whilst in the wholefood shop I also bought a SMALL dark chocolate nougat bar (bit like a small vegan Mars bar really) - and I lingered over the Bombay Mix - and decided instead to get a bag of Chinese Rice Crackers. This was a fail - because on reading the label it included wheat, sugar and flavour enhancers (from the wholefood shop!). Oh well, live and learn!

emoticon this evening I made the most delicious raw cauliflower couscous (and joined the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge)

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3/14/13 11:57 A

those corn thins really messed me up I think - I was hungry all evening and kept on snacking on them (carbs) - I ate peanuts, and fruit, corn thins and hummus - also a protein bar. I don't know if my blood sugar was still out of whack from the day before, but I had that 'bottomless pit' sort of feeling - like whatever I ate was not enough to satisfy me.
Today I've eaten cake to celebrate my son's girlfriend's birthday (?) - all gluten free and 'good' but still cake :) I am taking cheese, spelt bread, fruit, yogurt to work with me this evening - with porridge for breakfast.

I have really enjoyed my hooping today- and I've signed up for a 5k race in May,

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3/13/13 5:37 A

Hi JIBBIE - I'm not sure I can either - I'm maintaining at 9stone (126lbs) at the moment. My average calorie intake is much higher! I am pretty active though - and I do a physically demanding job. Mostly I need toning and strengthening. Muscles use more calories - but it gets harder for us to keep our muscle as we get older.

I went out for a walk/jog this morning - came back and ate a scrambled egg, four corn thins with as much butter as I could get on them! Followed by a raw fruit and nut bar.

I am off to work - taking bananas, hummus, corn thins, peanuts, orange, apples - working from 12midday to 10pm (then the bus home is almost another hour). Good in that there's no bread or potatoes in there :)

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,560
3/12/13 5:35 P

AT my age, I certainly couldn't lose anything on 1600 calories, but glad u can.

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 11,964
3/12/13 12:39 P

12 February 2013
I thought I'd give the community journal thing a go - because I am finding I have things I want to talk about every day that are not blog-worthy! Like why I ate that doughnut after being good all day yesterday.

Yesterday I ate about 1,600 calories made up of fruit and nuts and a boiled egg. It worked alright for me, I wasn't hungry, and I got lots of water-rich fruits and lots of vitamins.

But today I swung right the other way - almost like I had to 'make up' for the lack of carbs yesterday - today I ate porridge, a sweet bun, chocolate, licorice - and that added up to about the same nutritionally as yesterday! But obviously not a 'good' choice of foods.

Something goes on for me which is emotional - after a long shift at work, or after being 'good', I seem to feel compelled to 'treat' myself with food.

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