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3/4/11 8:50 P

It depends. If you drank enough it may stay off. I had the flu for a whole week and ate around 700 calories a day ( mostly in Gatorade) and lost 4 lbs, it stayed off after i got back to normally eating because it really was the calorie difference

3/4/11 8:26 P

I defiantly don't think I was dehydrated at all though cause I was constantly drinking water and Gatorade and such... Like I probably drank more water while I was sick than I do on normal days... So I doubt it was all water weight that I lost...

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3/4/11 7:46 P

A lot of it will come back, because you didn't really lose fat, or weight. You just probably expelled significant amounts of water/liquid during the flu, thus dehydrating you. Even with an increase in fluids yourself, the flu has that tendency to dehydrate us pretty easily.

I'd bet you neither "lost" nor will "gain" much weight because of the flu because it was probably mostly water. Don't be scared of a few scale weight pounds coming back on; that's part of the struggle. But it's not because you suddenly put on fat, it's because your body is refueling and rehydrating.

3/4/11 7:04 P

So I got the flu this past week, and as you know while sick, people usually lose their appetite (which I did and did not eat much) therefore I lost a few pounds. Although I did not eat much I was sure to drink lots of water! Now I'm curious, once I start going about my normal eating/workout schedule as usual will I instantly gain all that weight back? Or will it stay off as long as I don't consume excess calories?

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