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BLUEYUREI: Through the last few years, I have ordered and been given as gifts quite a few food products on-line: I have ordered and received such things as grass-fed beef, live lobster, elk steaks, bison burgers, salmon candy (salmon marinated in honey and then smoked), beef and turkey jerky, fruit of the month, cheese of the month, chocolate candy, stouts, etc, etc.

My number one observation is that it is dang expensive -- really expensive. I have had, overall, really good luck with the gifts and things I ordered coming, when necessary, with ice or frozen bags to keep the product fresh.

I would recommend Googling and reading reviews, when possible, of the places from which you might order. I personally have liked the quality and customer service of most places from which I have ordered. However, the cost is really rather staggering, in my opinion.

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I live in the desert and far far far away from any type of fresh fish. I noticed that a lot of the frozen fish in my local supermarkets are farmed or if "wild" it says product of China. emoticon We have a Whole Foods here but their salmon generally runs around $20 a lb and even then I'm still leery about where their supply comes from. So I was looking around on line and found a website that delivers wild caught fish from the Pacific/Alaska right to my house. The place is called Vital Choice. They seem like a pretty good resource for fish but I have NEVER ordered any kind of food on line and was wondering if anyone has had any luck ordering online from either this place or any of the other places on line.

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