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5/22/13 5:43 P

It really pays to weigh daily no matter what you are eating and let yourself know what you are doing in the weight department. Glad u r up only 4#. I've been reading Richard Bernstein MD's "The diabetes Diet" and learning so much about sugar. I've got INSULIN RESISTANCE like ALL obese people and he says if we continue we will have Type 2 Diabetes. You are smart to be concerned with eating sugar. Sparks doesn't make an issue out of it, because they want to appeal to everyone, but Dr. Bernstein has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 12 and he is 78 now and very healthy from eating a low carb diet. He has great lectures on YouTube.

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5/14/13 12:44 P

I felt a little bit better this morning. I have my goals in mind and I actually stepped on the scale, suprisingly happy to find that I'd only gained four pounds through the rest of March and April. I'm back to 139 which I'm not happy about but I can work through. I'll try to go for a walk at lunch time today and tomorrow I'm hitting up our farmers market to get some fresh peaches. Thats always the first thing I want when I rebegin this journey. But this time I'm not giving up.

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5/13/13 12:33 P

It hit me this morning just how much I let slide. I was cutting back on sugar. I cut out sodas... I haven't gone back. Well I did... Who am I kidding by lying to myself. I let myself have a sprite every week. Thats not good for me either. Sure its not coke but its still a super sugary drink. And I'm waking up CRAVING sugar... When I want sugar instead of cereal or fruit, I know theres a problem.
DH isn't helping. He's just as much a sugar addict as me, and if I don't buy it, he does. He was my wake up call this morning. Seeing how heavy he's gotten has me concerned about both of us, about our kids. We're both heavier than ever... I'm not overweight yet but bordering on it and he is classified as overweight bordering on obese. Something has to be done.

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