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3/25/12 6:20 P

this morning I did Pilates and went for a run (4.2 miles) before church. I went for a quick bike ride after church. First outdoor ride this year.

Now that my bike tires are pumped up and everything's checked out, I can ride my bike to the Y after work instead of driving.

3/25/12 5:33 P

I do kickboxing at night. I go to the gym or jog outside in the morning, but I found a gym that is strictly for kickboxing that opens about 5pm and has classes at night, they teach you proper techniques and like karate after a while you get graded and move up in class. Maybe do a search and see if there is something like that in your local area? The one I go to is called XFC and they teach proper form Muay Thai. I have an absolute blast doing it, and it's a great stress reliever too!

EEYORE2609 Posts: 240
3/25/12 2:25 P

Thanks, MarathonDad, I am trying to make sure I eat enough good food to fuel my body. I'm new to running, so it is a trial and error period for me at the moment!

EEYORE2609 Posts: 240
3/25/12 2:24 P

Kickboxing_Fit, I always wanted to try kickboxing! It looks fun. Unfortunately, I can't workout in the morning as I start work at 5:15 am and simply can't function on less than 7 hours of sleep, so there is no way for me to wake up any earlier and workout before work. My only option is after work, except on the weekends.



EEYORE2609 Posts: 240
3/25/12 2:22 P

Thanks, Motivated. I did jog only 3 days last week, but I jogged again today, even though I jogged yesterday. But I only did 20 minutes yesterday, and 17 minutes today. I am trying very hard to listen to my body and discern the difference between "this is hard and I want to stop because I'm lazy", and "this is too hard for me right now, I need to back off a bit". I'm having fun, and that's important to me, because I really enjoy working out. I will NOT be jogging tomorrow, just doing my interval training and weight training.



EEYORE2609 Posts: 240
3/25/12 2:19 P

Dragonchilde, don't worry, I am not exactly punishing myself, as I truly do enjoy working out. I know I can't erase a bad diet with extra exercise, I have eaten pretty darn healthy for 3 months now and plan to continue, but I DO feel guilty about my splurge and want to at least atone for it a bit. I know it is ok to fall off the wagon once in a while, and I am hoping to get better at avoiding that by allowing myself little treats so I don't FEEL the urge to splurge.

Thanks for your advice and concern!


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3/25/12 8:11 A

nothing wrong with 2 a days aslong as you listen to your body and make sure u are taking in the proper calories

3/25/12 4:18 A

I do... 3 nights a week I do kickboxing, but I also go for a jog or the gym every morning, so 3 days a week I am working out twice.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
3/25/12 12:49 A

It's fine to work out twice in a day.

About the only thing to watch for is impact. It takes a while for your leg muscles to adapt to the impact and stresses of running, and it's recommended that beginner runners run just three times per week. It's fine to exercise more frequently than this, so long as it is lower-impact forms of exercise.


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3/24/12 9:35 P

It's totally fine to workout twice in one day... but I did notice one thing that concerned me:

"So, since I splurged so horribly last night, today and tomorrow I would really like to jog AND do interval training."

Don't punish yourself with exercise. If you have the energy, and desire, it's no problem, but you don't want to use exercising as a way to punish yourself or try to outrace bad nutrition days. If you get into that habit, you set yourself up on a vicious cycle of overeating and trying to work it off.

You can't exercise a bad diet, so it's better to simply focus on making the right choices next time, and don't try to outrun the bad ones you made last time.

EEYORE2609 Posts: 240
3/24/12 12:08 P

Thanks everyone! I actually couldn't jog because there is a freezing cold rain right now, so I am just going to jog a the gym, as well as weight and interval train. Should be...interesting, lol!

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3/24/12 11:48 A

Sure--if you're not trying to kill yourself with every workout!

Sometimes a body just needs a little extra oomph during the day! :)

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (245,957)
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3/24/12 10:43 A

I do lots of two-a-days. Most mornings I do Pilates at home. Sunday morning I may go for a run in the park before church. I usually go to the gym after work and after church.

Saturdays are my only one workout day.

just listen to your body. If you need a break or to go a bit lighter on the weights, do it.

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3/24/12 10:35 A

It's fine, as long as you're not pushing yourself too hard and beyond your body's abililties.

When I exercised at a gym, I often had to do my exercise in two parts, before and after work, simply because of the gym's hours and when I had to leave to get to work on time. And I often will do toning and then run later in the day.

Just don't hurt yourself.

EEYORE2609 Posts: 240
3/24/12 10:13 A

I am going to go jogging with my daughter in a few minutes, then later on I am going to the gym with my boyfriend to do weight training and interval training. Now, I am a beginner in both jogging and interval training, so when I say I am going jogging, that means 90 seconds of walking, with about 45 seconds of actual jogging. And I can only last about 20 to 25 minutes doing that so far. And my interval training is about 15 minutes.

So, since I splurged so horribly last night, today and tomorrow I would really like to jog AND do interval training. I am not going to do it more than these two days, because I just don't have time during the week, plus I don't want to burn myself out or injure myself. But is it ok for just these two days.?


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