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9/2/13 11:04 A

Hi and welcome to Spark People! It's great to have you here! Jump right in and make yourself at home and get the support and inspiration you need!

SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
9/1/13 12:08 P

you can do it - you need to stay focused and want this for you and not anyone else then you will succeed

SCRAPPINPOLLY SparkPoints: (84,978)
Fitness Minutes: (63,580)
Posts: 4,518
9/1/13 12:06 P

Hi and welcome to Spark People! This is a great place for inspiration and support!! I wish you all the best on your journey.

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9/1/13 12:06 P

Hello and welcome to Spark!!!
You seem to have a great attitude, and you seem like a very positive person with a nice support system (at home with the family). I joined Spark a long time ago and I love their trackers and the different teams. I think you will find a lot of things you can use for yourself. Check out the motivational stories. I read one every day on my phone and they really make a big difference for me if I want to give up. :)

-SHAWN- Posts: 25,252
9/1/13 1:08 A

Hello and Welcome to SparkPeople!

I started Sparking in June of 2007. By using Spark and some self discovery along the way, I'm down 50 pounds, and am holding steady at a healthy weight. Spark is a massive site, you'll be discovering new and exciting things for months to come!
* Diet is a dirty word. Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate! emoticon emoticon

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9/1/13 12:40 A

Hello everyone :)
I am new to sparkpeople. I am excited to meet some new people, find some encouragement and support, and track my progress (there will be progress lol)
Just a bit about me. (I'm going to throw it all out on the table)
I am 26, have always been a active fat girl. My weight has gone up and down with numerous diets and exercise programs. If I were to chart my weight through the years you would probably see a steady incline since birth. With a few drops here and there when dieting, just to jump to a higher number then before.

These are numbers that for some reason have stuck with me:
I remember being in 3rd grade and being weighed in front of my P.E. class. I was 125lbs at 8 years old.
At 18 I was working in a hospital 10 hours a day and working out 3 times a week and 287lbs.
At 21 I was getting married at 318lbs. Divorced at 23.
Got in a bad car accident and broke my ankle.
24 met my now fiancé at 327lbs.
Now 26 years old. Joined a gym yesterday. Went in for my workout tonight and stepped on the scale... 345lbs!

It's definitely time (past time) for a change.

I've done a ton of diets in the past, workout programs, pills, shakes....

I am pretty positive right now. My fiancé assures he loves me no matter my size. I want to be at a healthy weight for me, him, and his 2 kids. I love them to pieces. They live with us full time and I want to be able to play in the yard longer, ride bikes with them longer, and most importantly be healthy so I'm around for a long time.

So, this is a bit about me.

Hi! emoticon

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