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Ok I have a question....

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Posts: 704
5/10/09 9:46 A

You took the first step by coming here...

Posts: 25
12/18/08 1:57 P

Stay motivated by finding a workout buddy. It makes it more interesting.

Posts: 7,876
12/16/08 7:39 A

You have plenty of time...I've dropped 3 dress sizes safely in the past 6 months. Just put it in your head that you want to start off your married life happy and healthy and go do it. Don't make excuses- just start and go with it. I make myself challenges each week and accomplish them.

There's a Brides to Be Challenge group here that's awesome- you should come on over!

Posts: 1,115
12/15/08 9:09 A

hi there!! congratz on your upcoming wedding. do alot of cardio, strength training also drink alot of water. idk if u have comcast on demand or not but they have fitness stuff under sports and fitness tab they have different programs on there. also ther eare alot of different workout dvds. there are freeweights that you can get at walmart or target. unless u have a gym near u then u wouldnt hsave to worry bout that unless u want to get free weights for home/dorm. ummm drink alot of water......umm if you have the wii fit that is really good. it not onlhy keeps track of your weight but also your BMI and like it has alot of strength bslance and differerent type fo aerobics on there! hope this helps u out some. it also has yoga on there too if u aqre into that stuff. if ya have any other questions or need someone to talk to feel free to send me a message!!

Posts: 9
12/13/08 4:11 P

I'm not able to get married until I graduate college and that's in 2011. I want to start now losing weight but I have a problem eating right and exercising. I want to drop a couple dress sizes safely to fit into my wedding dress. Any help on this?

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