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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/18/13 7:10 P

How about swimming.......? easy on the joints. nutrition is the biggest part of this weight loss track all of what you eat. Follow what sparks has set up for you. Take it one step at a time............. emoticon And yes I agree with strenght training as a good option for you..........

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2/18/13 6:34 P

Maybe you are aiming for too much too soon. I really don't know what illness you could have that prevents you from eating vegetables, but that really does limit you. Are you eating within your calorie limits? If you are a truck driver, maybe you could start carrying around healthier snack choices? choosing the lower calorie options at restaurants could be really helpful. Or you could try plugging in a hot plate or a slow cooker in your truck and making your own meals? (Im under the impression that truck drivers have more power sources in their vehicles than the average car, I might be wrong) Sparkpeople has lots of recipes for those kinds of things.

Also, you could try weight lifting instead of all cardio. That would work on your arms and chest and potentially help you avoid chafing, (a huge problem for me too, but I wear spandex capris when I exercise.) You can travel light with exercise bands or you could get a medicine ball or find a set of weights that work and switch them out when they become too easy.

I hope things look up for you! Remember, any progress is a good thing. Dont feel like you need to lose 200lbs over night! start with small things that you do have control over.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/18/13 6:02 P

Ok, I hear you, telling a 415# man to eat a 3oz poached chicken breast with some steamed broccoli is... not productive or realistic, ha ha, my husband is a big guy, trust me I know how advice like that goes over.

But you can make a *few* substitutions and changes, or make yourself aware of some potential pitfalls/danger areas. I wonder, do you eat a lot of restaurant meals? I'm guessing by your "Truckdriver" name you may spend a lot of time on the road and possibly having quite a few meals at the proverbial "greasy spoon" cafes and such? This can make it a bit difficult to control the calorie content on the plate-set-before-you - and of course once the plate of food is there on your table, it's really not easy to "eat half and box up the rest, or throw it away!" BUT you COULD try to switch up your menu choices a little bit. For example - substitute the fries for a bowl of soup. Especially with the brothy soups like beef barley or chicken vegetable, this will add nutrition and cut calories like crazy. Also try to avoid deep-fried or "chicken-fried" or otherwise breaded or battered anything. Drink coffee instead of soda. DO NOT BE TEMPTED BY THE DESSERTS. Some of those pies and cakes have almost as many calories as the meal did!

Yeah, I can't sugar-coat this, when you first cut your calorie intake you probably will experience moments that feel like hunger! It is difficult physically and psychologically to adapt to a new eating regime, but you can ease yourself into it with one small change at a time, *if that is what you want and choose to do.*

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2/18/13 5:40 P

I have no Doctor, can not afford one without insurance, sorry.

Just going on what the ER and Follow up Doc told me and then there was a Phone consultation fron a Surgeon out in Nv.

Chaffing, I will handle, it will dealt with and overcome, not sure if KY or powder yet, but this I can handle and will

The food thing, even if the same everyday, or very close the same, would be ok , IF RESULTS WERE WEIGHT LOSS.


2/18/13 5:07 P

A plateau for 6 weeks can be frustrating.
What is your daily calorie intake.
If you make your nutrition tracker public, I may be able to give more helpful tips. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

SP dietitian Becky

__AMY__ Posts: 1,180
2/18/13 5:04 P

What does your doctor say? Have you had a good physically? As for chaffing I know runners use petroleum jelly, but I personally prefer baby powder.

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2/18/13 4:38 P

Okay, being 415lbs or so , bit with a medical condition preventing me, or so the majority of people suggest I do not , and I find it tough to not workout, but this time will listen to the majority and maybe walk, rake leaves, weed eat a few (3-5) hours a day, and try to drink at least 100oz's of water a day, those are the basics.

I am lucky to drink 3-4 20oz bottle's a day thou

Walking has recently caused a major Chaffing issues, so this has been limited, but not stopped, as walk I must !!

I dropped weight, yes, but been stuck for 6 weeks now and just about to quit, look at my journal entries to see how bad my eating has gotten lately.

I AM A NON-, REPEAT, NON-VEGETARIAN, peas , carrots, corn, lima beans, , all kinds of beans, black eye peas, split pea, lentil, red/kidney/navy etc...except green beans

No lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles., cucumbers, spinach, broccoli or any other good stuff


I really could use the help of the experts who say I can lose weight, without excersise and still be able to not starve, or go hungry, is this still possible, hope so????

Salmon, chicken, pork chops, small portion's all 3-6oz's, then I need help...

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