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Oil pulling

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Posts: 968
3/9/13 6:51 P

Oil pulling has been around for hundreds of years--I think it started in India. I tried it a couple times but I can't stand to have the oil in my mouth that long! (15-20 minutes) I agree with the poster who said brush your teeth and use mouthwash! As for sinus--I use a Neti Pot.

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3/9/13 4:20 P

I've read EV sesame oil is the best to use for oil-pulling. Have you read otherwise?

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Posts: 149
3/9/13 3:47 P

I heard about this before, and have several friends who tried it. They all said it works & feels great; regardless what kind of oil they used.
If it feels good to you, keep doing it. I don't think oil could seriously "damage" anything, therefore do whatever you're comfortable it. I might try it too.
But of course, you still need to brush your teeth with regular toothpaste etc., but I'm sure you know that ;)

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3/9/13 1:43 P

The idea of swishing oil around in my mouth makes me want to throw up.

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Posts: 1,979
3/9/13 1:40 P

My gut says it sounds silly.
Good oral hygiene = brush, floss, mouthwash + regular dental visits.

Any time a purported benefit has to be "hyper-explained," warning bells should go off.
Plus it just sounds silly! ...Like something Kramer or George would get into on an episode of Seinfeld.

Suppose it wouldn't hurt you, though - just drain your wallet.

Posts: 33,498
3/9/13 1:16 P

"toxins, bacteria & latent infections"?

Toxins do not exist. They're a problem made up to sell the solution of detoxing.

I have no idea why bacteria and infection should "stick to" oil. I would imagine plain old mouthwash would do a far superior job.

Posts: 679
3/9/13 11:45 A

Has anyone else tried this? I have been doing it with virgin coconut oil for 4-5 minutes every couple of days. My teeth and mouth feel great afterwards, and I think my teeth have lightened, but it's too early to tell.

Here's what one person said that really caught my attention:

"By swishing and pulling the oil through the teeth and around the mouth, the toxins, bacteria & latent infections are pulled out and into the oil. We harbor an unbelievable amount of toxins in our mouth and because of that, our immune systems are kept quite busy in that region. When we eliminate that energy drain by oil pulling, our immune system can then focus on other things. My immune system is compromised. I have an auto immune disease. By doing oil pulling, I feel so much better in the mornings, especially sinus and congestion. I have not had a cold or cough in years. I feel the coconut oil is a healthy oil to have. Bonnie"

Thoughts anyone?

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