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Oikos yogurt calories vs SparkPeople calories

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4/26/13 7:31 A

periodically, manufacturers change their product formulation.

I find it easiest to enter my own values (and put the number of grams by weight, in case I have more or less when taking from a larger container, especially). That way I can continually check if needed, and know my numbers are correct.

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4/25/13 7:37 P

Yeah the Sparkpeople Activia yogurt is entered incorrectly as well. Says 70 when the 100g container says 100.

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4/25/13 7:17 P

I 2nd that the manufacture could have changed the product since the information was entered. I generally enter my own food, and even then! A product I entered in 2 years ago suddenly has information different from the EXACT SAME product I just bought over the weekend. Makes me wonder how much of my own entered stuff is incorrect now....

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4/25/13 6:21 P

I had oikos greek fruit on bottom 5.3 oz.yogurt also, maybe by mistake you didn't choose the correct package details, mine calculated right , at 130 cals , although I have found incorect nutrition info. on some foods that spark members have put in data , only a few. Hope this helps.

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4/25/13 4:19 P

Thanks, I'll give it a try :)

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4/25/13 4:16 P

If you used a sparkpeople generated entry, the data may have changed at the manufacturer. If you used a member-generated entry, they may have entered it incorrectly. I'd "Enter a food not listed" and use the package data to ensure you're close to accurate.

SparkPoints: (750)
Fitness Minutes: (1,018)
Posts: 2
4/25/13 4:13 P

When I entered my breakfast items today, I found the Oikos yogurt that I ate, but when it was added to my food list, it shows 160 calories, but the container had 120 calories. Any ideas why there's a difference?

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