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DGRIFFITH51 SparkPoints: (207,970)
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11/7/12 12:11 P

Just saw your post. I was at Starbucks and looked at all the pastries, and I was hungry, but thankfully they post the calorie counts next to them. When you are tempted look up how many calories are involved and then determine how many hours of exercise you have to do to burn those calories off. It works for me! 300 hundred calories is a half hour on the elliptical for me! in addition to the five hours of exercise I already do per week.

DIANE7786 Posts: 4,775
11/5/12 11:43 P

It sometimes helps to turn the thoughts around. What are you thinking about bacon wrapped hot dogs? The artery clogging fat, poor nutrition, high sodium, not that filling (need to eat two!)? If it's really tempting you, it's okay to eat an occasional treat. You could have one bacon wrapped hot dog with a big, healthy salad and piece of fruit so the hot dog is just part of a mostly healthy meal.

11/5/12 10:18 P

I can relate to that. My guilty pleasures list includes chili cheese dogs- and only specific brands of hotdogs, cheese, chili and the buns will do. Throw in sour cream and onion dip with barbecue chips and you have my PMS meal of choice.

Then comes the heart burn.

ASHAIXIM Posts: 2,616
11/5/12 9:20 P

I only eat Kogel(SP?) hot dogs (I know what's IN them!)

I wouldn't waste good bacon eating it with one though :P

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OZIETWIN Posts: 680
11/5/12 1:16 P

Now, that's just mean!

I love a good chili dog with all the fixin's so I can relate to your plight!! Love other's suggestions of healthier alternatives (I found a turkey hotdog with pretty good stats and vegetarian, low fat chili - not too bad for those days when the cravings hit)

But, often if you wait, you'll find that really isn't what you wanted after all.

Good luck with the battle of the hot dog!

BETHS60 Posts: 566
11/5/12 1:03 P

You KNOW that it looks way better than it would taste. So not worth it.

I go through periods of time where I crave hot dogs about every 28 days. (Pun not intended.) I am not sure why. Maybe I need the salt, just, you know, so I can get really swollen and bloated.

ONNALEE11 SparkPoints: (40)
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11/3/12 1:41 P

No, lol! I'm not even a hotdog fan, but I'll eat one w/all the fixin's occasionally. Just looking at that hotdog w/a piece of bacon wrapped around it, looking all char-grilled, on a sesame bun. I just imagined w/some kraut, ketchup, mustard, onions, relish . . . it was so tempting!

Dang! I'm doing it to myself again. It's a good thing I don't have hotdogs or bacon in my house, AND that I'm too lazy to go to the store. Ha ha!

You're right though - food is EVERYWHERE!

JHISEROTE SparkPoints: (8,887)
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11/3/12 12:15 A

That bitch...bwahahahahaha...joking, joking! Food is everywhere though! Especially on tv, advertisements...uugghh, isn't it so joyous! Stop your drooling now emoticon ...hahahahaha, I am on a roll. I think I'm tired.

Are hot dogs one of your downfalls? I guess I wouldn't even be tempted by seeing a hot dog...but if you showed me pizza or chocolate cake...that would be a different story! I agree with KELTYCPHOENYX, find a healthier version. That's what I did with pizza and I absolutely love my version even better than the real thing. In fact, I find myself craving it now!

Have a great weekend and good luck!!!!

11/2/12 8:55 P

Well, since I am a vegetarian, that does not present itself as a problem for me, but I do have crave foods that come up, so I fully understand your pain.

What position do you have on this?

You can either:
A) make one using healthier versions of both and have just one
B) find something else to eat that isn't bacon or hot dog
C) remember your progress and be happy that you can resist the temptation

I wish you luck in your decision.

ONNALEE11 SparkPoints: (40)
Fitness Minutes: (346)
Posts: 88
11/2/12 7:43 P

Someone just posted a picture of bacon-wrapped hotdogs on my facebook. Now I can't stop thinking about bacon-wrapped hotdogs!

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