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4/20/12 7:41 A

their chicken fillet sandwich with pickles is a pms dream come true

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
4/20/12 7:22 A

How can someone even open their mouth wide enough to eat a double quarterpounder!?

It's crazy! Or how about a mega bigmac? OMG!!!!

KNAGREEN Posts: 46
4/20/12 7:14 A

Although Salads are not always healthy...they would look much better on your nutrition tracker :) Try the Baja Salad from wendy's or another salad next time flavor is still great and you wont feel too bad after. My down fall at wendy would have to be the frosty Yum!

RUKIDDINGME123 SparkPoints: (39,606)
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4/20/12 7:06 A

I feel your pain it's hard enough to make a healthy decision when eating fast food but when your pinched for time, starving & you pull up and smell those french fries forget about it!

I try to always have some thing in my purse or desk like nuts, piece of fruit or protein bar so I'm not chewing on the steering wheel on the way to the restaurant.

I also find if I workout in the morning before work I make better decisions during the day because I dont want to undo the good I just did.

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,452
4/20/12 1:38 A

Fast food is addicting! I haven't cut anything out completely from my diet since going healthy, but I have to say I have SEVERELY limited the amount of fast food I eat. I had fastfood 5x in January, 4x in February, and 0x in March (0x so far in April as well). It's something that for me, if I were to be in the drive through, the temptation to order burgers rather than something healthy would be too great, so I just can't order any fast food at all. Maybe keep track of how many times you eat fast food per month, (or per week) and try to decrease it by X amount each month/week, 'til you're down to zero or a number that doesn't inhibit your weight loss or health.

BECKYJ1979 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/19/12 11:34 P

Got called into work and didn't have time to make dinner. After my 2 massages ( I'm a massage therapist), I was starving and went thru my favorite fast food place, Wendys. Did I go healthy? Oh no, I had to have their guacamole chicken club, cheddar cheeseburer, and fries. It was sooo good. Then I went to track my calories, I discovered that I was WAY over my limit of calories after my dinner.
Eating that meal was nearly euphoric. An addiction for sure. I need to really work hard at breaking this habit.

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