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Oh Google, you're trying too

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SparkPoints: (97,149)
Fitness Minutes: (74,785)
Posts: 2,905
7/20/13 8:28 A

I find it annoying how they think upgrades are really better.....KISS Google!

SparkPoints: (211,172)
Fitness Minutes: (190,480)
Posts: 6,656
7/18/13 9:48 P

It's OK!!

SparkPoints: (209,561)
Fitness Minutes: (87,186)
Posts: 11,488
7/18/13 6:12 P

I wish google and other web pages would just keep it simple!

Posts: 2,272
7/18/13 3:03 P

Actually, I am kind of liking it. I have all my Spark stuff going to the "Forums" tab, all my news feeds going to "Social" and now I can actually see my "regular mail" as it comes in.

Not sure what I'd use the "Promos" tab for. I don't like promo offers coming unsolicted into my mailbox and tend to delete them rather quickly - if I use that tab, i'll just imagine it's Google's way of spelling S P A M.

Posts: 963
7/18/13 2:53 P

You can turn the new multiple inboxes off. Look in your settings.

SparkPoints: (36,351)
Fitness Minutes: (16,191)
Posts: 562
7/18/13 1:37 P

It's a bit on my nerves but I'm mostly over it.

I'm more upset that they got rid of google reader. I loved google reader and none of the other options have the features I liked most.

Posts: 8,023
7/18/13 12:56 P

I actually appreciate it. I don't want to mark promos from the NFL shop as spam, because I eventually want to get a home and an away NY Giants jersey, with number 53 and the name "Skip" emblazoned across the back (my dad's birth year and nickname). I don't want to mark Macy's as spam, because they do have some nice clothes with good deals. I don't use pinterest. That's just less stuff to clutter up my inbox. And hey. It's still free. No complaints here!
At least not right now.

SparkPoints: (61,086)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
7/18/13 11:42 A

I can't remember the last time I even looked at my Gmail acct.

I did notice more options when your cursor is on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" icon on the Google search page
I'm feeling stellar
I'm feeling puzzled
I'm felling playful
not sure how long those have been there

Posts: 15,787
7/18/13 11:26 A

is anyone else annoyed with "new" Google stuff?

I now have THREE inboxs


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