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N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/28/12 8:47 A

It may be helpful for you to see the article at the start of the thread under section, "staying motivated" titled 'The Benefits of Early Rising."

Suggest you read the first post with the article, then the following threads. Lots of ideas, tips, and reasons to go through the hard work of getting yourself up and moving each day.

I spent years training my body to rise early. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
10/28/12 1:10 A

When I worked out in the morning (not super early, but early for me) I used to sleep in my workout clothes. That helped.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
10/27/12 4:17 P

How long did you try to exercise in the morning for? I get up at 5:15 a to work out and have for 6 years now. Yes, the first few weeks Sucked big time, but my body adjusted. It's like when you were a kid and school was about to start, even if you tried to go to bed earlier, you'd be unable to sleep and the first day would suck because you're tired, but sure enough if a few weeks later you were in the groove.

RAINBOWCHARMER SparkPoints: (79,705)
Fitness Minutes: (116,112)
Posts: 1,495
10/27/12 10:53 A

I aim for 9pm but normally it is more like 10pm.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (188,655)
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Posts: 15,728
10/27/12 10:45 A

I second getting up early. What is worse, having to suck it up and drag yourself out of bed or regain your weight lost?

I, too, get up at 4:30 and go to bed around 11:30 or midnight.

SUSANE53 SparkPoints: (30,276)
Fitness Minutes: (61,382)
Posts: 207
10/27/12 10:30 A

Thanks, ladies! I guess what I need to do is just 'suck-it-up' and quit whining. I like the idea of trying to get up just a few minutes earlier at a time, though. I'll give it a try! And I'll look for the SP app as soon as my phone charges emoticon Thanks again!

PS - You get up at 4:30ish? What time do you go to bed?

ERICADAWN1986 SparkPoints: (34,913)
Fitness Minutes: (20,478)
Posts: 1,964
10/27/12 9:56 A

I second that you should download the free sparkpeople app. It's almost more convenient than the actual computer for food and exercise tracking.

As far as working out, you're whole routine changes when you get a new job. If 5AM is when you can fit it in, get a workout buddy on board with you or try to find an early morning fitness class that you'll enjoy. If I can make myself obligated to get my tush out of bed because other people are depending on me, I'm much more likely to get moving. You may even be able to find a spark friend who likes early morning workouts to hold each other accountable. Start slow... one or two days during the week, but then be sure to get some fitness minutes in on the weekends.

RAINBOWCHARMER SparkPoints: (79,705)
Fitness Minutes: (116,112)
Posts: 1,495
10/27/12 9:34 A

Getting up at the butt-crack (or well before) of dawn is not my favorite thing, and it was really difficult for me to do initially. I am NOT a morning person. BUT I get up early to work out pretty much every day before work because otherwise things come up and working out tends to be what suffers.

I started by getting up 10 minutes earlier and doing a very short workout routine that I made up - a circuit of sorts - mixing cardio with weights. So jumping jacks to squats to pushups to jogging in place to overhead press, etc... I did that for a week, then I increased to 20 minutes, and by the time I got to getting up at 30 or so minutes early I had time for a workout video - either one here on spark people, or more often a jillian michael's video workout. Then I increased more so I could walk the dogs after my workout. But I did not jump into getting up early all at once. I had to work my way into it.

Now I get up at either 4:30 or 4:45 (depends on the workout I have planned), and I feel GREAT the rest of the day because I got up and worked out and that always makes me feel powerful. Often I find that I wake up before my alarm even goes off. This is just the routine my body is used to now, and it works for me. It takes some getting used to, and it's definitely hard work, but incredibly worth it.

As for tracking, if you have a smart phone, download the sparkpeople app. I use that almost exclusively. I get on the SP website on my computer at home on the weekends, but most of the time I track on the app. It works well. It's easy, and it is a free app.

Good luck. I know it's not easy, but it's so worth the effort.

SUSANE53 SparkPoints: (30,276)
Fitness Minutes: (61,382)
Posts: 207
10/27/12 9:06 A

I started working full-time two months ago, and exercise has (mostly) flown out the window. I'm so frustrated! The scale has not shown an increase - yet - but I have a feeling its coming. Worse than that, I need to continue lowering my cholesterol (dropped it 40 points in the 5 months prior to becoming employed) by my next January dr. appt., and I'm simply terrified that I'll be put on medication because I'm turning into a slug...

I do not seem to be able to get up at 5 a.m. in order to get some exercise in, my job does NOT allow getting up and moving around throughout the day (I'm a bank teller) - although in good weather I do try to take a walk on my lunch half-hour, but that's only 15 mins. or so. My husband and I are trying to get a walk in before dinner in good weather, but he poops out after 20 mins., plus that means we're eating dinner really late. And to top it all off, I haven't been able to find the time to track my food here - and I now realize that's imperative for me at this point. I tried logging on at work using my phone, and I can usually read the articles, but I can't track. The internet in the bank is blocked to me. Anyone know how to circumvent that? I know I sound like a whiney-behiney, but I am simply TERRIFIED that I'm about to undo all the hard work and success of the first half of this year.

Please help. I'm halfway there. . .

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