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3/24/10 12:34 A

Good job, like getting those stats from the blood donation center, good motivational tool.

MANDMDAD Posts: 550
3/19/10 9:57 A

Got checked yesterday at a donation center and my BO was down to 114/72.

Still waiting on updated cholesterol results.

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
3/17/10 10:14 A

Nice job

My overall cholesterol is pretty good at 118 but my HDL and LDL are out of whack at 49 and 69 respectively. I also have high blood pressure which surprised me - usually around 140/72 or so. Triglycerides are 62.

Overall I'm pretty good about sodium but it looks like it might be time to really focus on that to bring my blood pressure under control. Also, might want to limit red meat to 1-2x per month and see if that helps.

MANDMDAD Posts: 550
3/16/10 9:57 P

My total cholesterol dropped from 209 to 172. My BP dropped from 140/90 to 124/82.

I still have a lot of work to do, but am certainly seeing results. Glad to see you are too.

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3/16/10 12:12 P

Good work!

I noticed my BP went from 138 to 118 since I started working out and eating better. Amazing what exercise and a healthy diet can cure.

JGTUCKER SparkPoints: (10,847)
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3/15/10 5:28 P

I am so excited.
Just got my numbers back from the Dr's Office for my visit last week.

Last Aug:
HDL 44
LDL 109
Trigl's 319
Total Cholesterol 217

Last Week:
HDL 49
LDL 88
Trigl's 77
Total Cholesterol 152

In both cases I was on meds. The difference now is SP, diet and Excercise. My goal is to get off the meds when I go back again in August.

I know that the Official Weigh In board has helped keep me motivated (Thanks Brewmaster for starting that). Blood work is another way we can show the progress we've made. Thought I'd share my success in hopes that there are others out there with a good story to tell as well.


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