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8/8/12 2:02 P

Thats what I was reading about online, that could be a possibility. Definitely going to see what my dr says :) thanks!

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8/8/12 12:38 P


Your odd breathing may be a result of pushing your body too hard too soon. It could be asthma too. Have you had any prior problems with asthma ? I do know people who have something called exercise induced asthma. They breathe perfectly normally when walking or doing light activity. However, the minute they do something intense, they start wheezing and need an inhaler.

It wouldn't hurt to get checked by your doctor too see if maybe your wheezing could be asthma related. an inhaler will fix that right up.

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8/8/12 12:19 P

Like I said I am going to the dr. I didn't intend for this to be a diagnosis I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this themselves. Sorry if you thought that is what I am doing.

Anyway, I was thinking the same thing about the asthma but was not sure how that was possible. I see you posted that you developed it later in life? My oldest son has asthma, and it took years to find the right medicine to actually control it. Now he's on Advair and it does wonders. I guess I always thought you were born with it or didn't have it at all! It's very interesting to know this, thank you! And that definitely makes me think that could be what it is, since after it calmed down and I was breathing more normal again it symptoms let up. I'm going to the dr today to discuss what could be wrong. :)

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8/8/12 7:48 A

Hi Court,

You may want to contact your doctor, esepecially since this is new to you. Unfortunately, our members and experts are not in a position to speculuate as to what your problem could be. Talk with your doctor.

Coach Nancy

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8/8/12 2:36 A

I have a low-grade asthma as does my son, g/son and mother. Often a symptom is an irritating cough and often with that cough comes a gunky throat. I never had this problem when I was younger - it only really got it when I was late 20's early 30's. My mother was diagnosed at a much later stage in her life. I was prescribed an Asthma preventer 2x daily, and one for when I am having an attack, and this works well.


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8/8/12 2:30 A

I planned on trying to get in tomorrow. I did cardio before having my baby last year as well, never noticed this problem, and was the same weight then as I am now. I've been coughing a lot at times lately too, just a very odd cough. Definitely going to get things checked out. Thanks!

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8/8/12 2:09 A

You can't rely on what you once were to carry you through as you are now.

When we first start exercising we need to start off with baby steps - crawl before we walk, and walk before we run. The same applies to exercise. Just going for a 10 minute walk is doing far more benefit for you than putting your body hard to work with cardio. Your HEART needs to be conditioned for the exercise too. Also, if you are a fair bit overweight, and particularly if you have health issues, you should be making an appointment with your Dr and be guided by him/her. It sounds like you MAY need to be checked out for exercise-related asthma at the least.

Take care, and remember BABY STEPS!


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8/8/12 1:43 A

I have always been active, especially in my younger years in high school playing sports. Granted I haven't really been very big into exercise the past few years (obviously lol), but I am working to get my life back where I want it.

I have made a life-changing decision to change my life and not make anymore excuses, which includes eating right and exercising. I did some cardio work, and I noticed the intense cold feeling in my chest once I started getting out of breath. The breathing felt "strange", I don't know if I would call it wheezing or not but it was unique. Now when I cough it just sounds weird as well and cold in my chest. It honestly has me scared because I never experienced this before.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I haven't been sick or anything lately for me to consider it a chest cold. Hoping it's not asthma or walking pneumonia or something!

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