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Building muscle occurs from a healthy diet along with a strength training work out.
Yes, you can lose weight (body fat) while still building muscle by incorporating some cardio exercise 3-4 times a week, along with your healthy eating plan and strength training, 2-3 times weekly.

To build muscle and lose fat, you need a balanced diet---not an excessively high protein diet. You need the right blend of fat, protein and carbohydrate. Similar to the ranges found in your Sparkpeople program.

To provide more information it would be helpful to know more details.
Your calorie intake on most days
Your protein intake
Your SP weight loss calorie range

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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Hi T,

I'm not sure if you might get better help on the exercise messageboard to achieve your goals, and I don't know the Occam's protocol, but looking at one post on it, looks like a high protein perhaps lower on the carbs diet, and fat is not a concern.

This sounds like a protocol, and I think you are saying this too, for just a couple months to achieve your goals, and you are wondering how to transition to keep your physical gains, but be a bit more normal now.

I think you need to switch things up in your weightlifting, and do some different exercises, aimed at the same muscle groups, to get yourself over the plateau you are at. And you should also work on strengthening your "core" or your abs and your back muscles, because they have to support strength gain in any of your more outward muscles.

As to eating less, I have worked with a rather big bodybuilder who was a vegetarian, so I know it is not necessary to eat masses of protein, or fat, to get big. What is necessary is perserverance.

Why don't you try fritatas? They are kind of like scrambled eggs with stuff mixed in, except you bake them, so they come out more solid, you can cut them in pizza type slices or squares if you use a square pan, and often taste good cold, so it makes them portable for a quick lunch main course.

Here is a link to a search of for fritatas.

For other inspiration for good foods to add to your diet instead of the protein, think about upping your fiber intake, because that is what is lacking in the sort of diet I was seeing with occam's protocol, and fiber is important for our digestive system health. Whole grains. Vegies and fruits. There are a lot of medical studies that warn against red meat, so you might want to trade that in for chicken.

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Hey guys, new to the forums, just discovered the four hour body a month ago and became very interested in Occam’s Protocol. I have done the workout pretty successfully, going from about 166 when I first wake up in the morning to 181. I definitely look and feel bigger and have increased all of my lifts every workout till recently. I just hit a plateau this past A workout on the shoulder press and am stuck at 95 for six, so close to 7. But my pull down exercise has still increased to 170 which is up from 160 the week before. Anyway, I am mostly concerned with keeping this muscle after I am finished (trying to get to 190 but may stop after 185 as I am already eating enough to where I feel sick sometimes). I would like to shed maybe a LITTLE bodyfat after, but mostly keep my muscle I’ve gained. I find eating this way to be a little pricey for my budget, and it is uncomfortable eating so much for so long. How do I keep the muscle while reducing the amount I eat? Is that possible? Would creatine help? What should my routine look like after dropping Occam’s Protocol? I’m kind of just wondering where to go from here routine and diet wise.
I found this cheat sheet website which gave me step by step instructions as well as a grocery list on what to buy..highly recommend [URL=""]occam's protocol[/URL]!"

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