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Tough Mudder is a similar event; they have great training programs on their site that don't include the obstacles. Generally, you don't have to DO the obstacles to train for them... you just need to make sure you're training things the right way to tackle them.

Crossfit gyms might provide some of the things you're looking for.

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Try not to fret over the event. Just think of it as something FUN you're going to do on September 15th. People of many different shapes, sizes and athletic abilities do Tough Mudders, Warrior Dashes, Spartan Sprints, etc...

I take it you signed the "maimed, mutilated and dismemberment clause" ? It's the document you sign or click on that acknowledges that if you are maimed, mutilated or dismembered in anyway, it's your own darned fault. I know, I had to sign one of those for the Spartan Sprint I'm doing in November.

Because of you're knee, you'll want to wear extra support to protect. You might even consider compression socks for your calves. These events can lead to some very serious injuries. So, you do have to be mindful of any injuries you already have.

As far as training, you're going to have to increase the amount of strength you do. If at all possible, lots of push ups and pull ups. Do you have a local play ground ? Many play grounds have monkey bars. There's usually a monkey bar obstacle. So, practicing on the park monkey bars will help. Burpees, do lots and lots of burpees between now and the race. My race has a 30 burpee penalty for any obstacle you miss. and I LOATHE burpees.

If any one exercise helps a get a person fit, it's burpees... and yes, I still LOATHE them.

The point ? Do what you can over the next month to increase your overall strength. Body weight exercises would be squats, lunges, burpees, push ups, pull ups, etc... If you have a local park, practice swinging on the monkey bars from rung to rung.

As a generality, there are going to be obstacles that require shimming under wire, moving through tubes, carrying heavy weights a distance, pulling a heavy weight a distance, pulling yourself up and over a wall with a rope, going over a wall without a rope, climbing a rope ladder, maybe some balance work by walking across a narrow beam, and the ever popular leap over fire.

If you look up Tough Mudder or Spartan Sprint, there are training schedules you could do for both. Most don't require a gym membership.

Be glad you're not doing the Spartan Sprint. Not only do you have to jump over the wall of fire, you have to chuck a spear at a target. And if you miss the target, 30 burpee penalty. Believe me, I'm hitting that target !!

LOL !!!

Mostly, try to enjoy yourself. But, DO baby that knee. That means having some type of brace support on it. Compression socks are another option too.

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My very fit and triathlon junkie gf decided it would be fun for her first visit seeing me in GA to sign us up for the Muddy Cruscader.... September 15th!!! Mind you, I just quit smoking, healing from a broken knee a couple of years ago, feel like I am 20 lbs overweight and soft like the pilsbury dough girl. Right now, I can't afford a gym membership, a trainer, and work some insane hours so working out and eating balanced healthy meals are a bit random, so I am doing what I can.... trying to eat healthy, bought a bike and try to excerise a couple times a week. I have lost some weight since joining 2 weeks ago.... approximately 8 lbs....wooohooo! BUT, I really want to work on my strength training for some of the crazy obstacles in this race.... does anyone know of an obstacle training course or a really good park around metro Atlanta that may have monkey bars, jungle gyms, agility tires, etc? Or is anyone in the Cumming/Alpharetta area running the race that would like to train with me or I should say let me train with them???? emoticon

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