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REDKATANA Posts: 275
4/30/10 2:34 P

Just because it's commonly considered a "breakfast" food doesn't mean you can only eat it at breakfast time. It's only "too heavy" if it feels that way to you.

4/30/10 2:29 P

I've been eating hot cereal for dinner for months now, I love it.

Really any type food can be consumed at any time of day, as long as it doesn't make you feel ill. It's really only habit and tradition that tells us oatmeal is for breakfast, sandwiches are for lunch, and pasta is for dinner (or whatever). Dinner for breakfast and Breakfast for dinner are just how we perceive it.

2SPARKS Posts: 663
4/30/10 1:56 P

I think I will try the oats with almonds for dinner - sounds Yummy!

BREEZE2356 Posts: 639
4/29/10 9:27 A

I have oatmeal every morning for breakfast but could eat it for dinner also. I guess it depends on the person and what you feel like eating.


BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
4/29/10 9:18 A

One of my favorite things to eat for dinner is Quaker weight maintenance cinnamon oatmeal with almonds, a sliced pear, and some honey mixed in. Try it and see hot it sits. There's a chance you might find it too heavy, but in general I would say it's not.

4/29/10 9:03 A

A serving of steel-cut oats is only 140 cal, definitely not too heavy! Very good for you any time of day!

A lot of the fitness models in Oxygen magazine say they eat oatmeal all the time because it's filling, clean (no salt or sugar), a great source of fiber and protein, and helps keep them slender and muscular for competitions.

TKD_2D Posts: 558
4/29/10 8:54 A

i love breakfast for dinner!! yummmmmmmm,lol...if it is too "heavy" for you, just cut the portion in half then add other lighter foods such as a lighter fruit or veggie on the side...

DNUZUM Posts: 20
4/29/10 8:41 A

I have been trying to do heavy grains (rolled oats, flax, rice, barley, etc) mixed with high, lean protein early in the day to keep me full at work. I find that when I do that I do not snack and I am not even hungry for dinner Then I can usually do a light healthy snack of fruits, cheese, or veggies for those times. But you have to do what works for you.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (407,872)
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4/29/10 8:40 A

Oats are fine for dinner. emoticon

2SPARKS Posts: 663
4/29/10 8:32 A

Should oats be eaten only as breakfast? Is it too heavy for dinner? What do you think?

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