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1/21/12 9:14 P

I have found that the type of oats that are available also make a big difference when it comes to taste. I now LOVE steel cut oats, they don't require a lot of sweetener and I really enjoy adding fresh or dried fruit to my cereal....second in line is the old fashioned oats...and I ABSOLUTELY stay away from me quick is a fancy word for junk...LOL

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/21/12 4:27 P

You do have to be aware of what you're adding to the oats, but it's hardly impossible to incorporate oats into healthy baking. There are quiet a few excellent muffin recipes out there, not all of which are high in fat and sugar. I use blended cottage cheese, oats, egg whites, fresh blueberries and cinnamon to make low-carb pancakes that are very healthy.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
1/21/12 3:53 P

I don't think that you don't get the health benefits of oats if you eat them in muffins, but think about what else you have to add to muffins: sugar, flour, butter, eggs, etc. It's like eating an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Oatmeal=good, rest of the stuff=not so good.

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1/21/12 2:07 P

If you eat oatmeal, you will absorb its nutrition. It does not matter how you prepare it.

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1/21/12 12:32 P

I know that oatmeal is such a healthy food and would like to work it into my diet. However, I really don't like it made straight up. Does it have the same health efects if I incorporate it into recipes like muffins? or does it lose some of its benefits. Any suggestions on how else to add it into my meals? Thanks!

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