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ECOAGE Posts: 8,553
10/25/12 1:14 P

I was wondering if there was a "secret benefit" to Cream of Wheat. Or some negative that I was unaware of associated with oatmeal. I thought I might be missing something --- always a possibility. It's good to know I was correct!

I haven't had Cream of Wheat in my home since (my now 16 year old son) moved to solid foods. I've had to grow to appreciate oatmeal and I would not have bothered with it if I didn't think it was a healthy choice. The meal options didn't work for my preferences (kind of odd combinations, in my opinion) but I thought I'd give it a try ---- again --- and I want to focus on the portions. That's why I was surprised when I couldn't find oatmeal on my meal plan.

Thanks for contacting the tech team. It's good to know my question will make a bigger difference.

10/25/12 12:34 P

Thanks for sharing the additional information.
I did check the heart health meal plan options and substitutions---and I did not see oatmeal listed either. I think it was just an "over-sight" when building the choices.

Feel free to add your own substition of oatmeal to your tracker. It is a nutrition hot breakfast cereal--whole grain and high fiber. I will also let our tech team know about this concern.

You are correct the "cream of wheat" cereal is not usually a whole grain---unless a specialty brand is purchased that uses the whole grain.

Thanks again for the info
Dietitian Becky

ECOAGE Posts: 8,553
10/25/12 12:18 P

My meal plan is set for heart healthy. I selected vegetarian options.

I expected a whole grain-based menu. Am I correct that Cream of Wheat is not a whole grain? I'm not a radical no white food person but I am trying to limit white flour because I thought whole foods were healthier choices. I can't imagine a reason to NOT eat oatmeal and want to know if I'm not aware of something. Oatmeal is not listed on my meal plan or my food choices. My meal plan has 3 meal options with Cream of Wheat as the starch/grain (cream of wheat & strawberries, cream of wheat with peanut butter & banana, cream of wheat & apple juice) and other cereal selections of Cheerios, Corn Chex, and shredded wheat. There are several bread and pasta options and I'm surprised to see the many white flour choices.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
10/25/12 7:49 A

why doesn't it show up? fluke of fate or a dietary preference you chose in the system.
also, double check under "i" because oatmeal isn't under "o,", you'll find it as a part of "instant, quick and regular oats."

10/24/12 9:10 P

In my nutrition tracker, Oatmeal shows up as a substitution for the grain/starchy food item.
Several listings for oatmeal are also listed in the "meal change" options.

I am using the regular SP food tracker. Are you set up with this program or with the diabetes food tracker option??

SP Dietitian Becky

ECOAGE Posts: 8,553
10/24/12 6:08 P

I found oatmeal on the tracker. I've been creating my own meal plans and I know how to track oatmeal.

I want to know why oatmeal is not a part of the Spark meal plan. The item exchange includes 32 options from Cream of Wheat to white rice but NO oatmeal (except for the applesauce oatmeal muffins).

10/24/12 4:48 P

You may have to expand your search to entered by others, but it is there.

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10/24/12 1:43 P

I found oatmeal in the options. I use the plain (dry=1/2 cup) option. I use water to cook it, so nothing else changes and add only black pepper (I like savory over sweet now).

Nutrition changes depending on how you are cooking it and what flavors you are adding.

ECOAGE Posts: 8,553
10/24/12 1:34 P

Does anyone know why oatmeal is not listed as an option on my list of Spark breakfast meal options? Cream of Wheat is listed multiple times and I thought oatmeal would be a less-processed and healthier choice.

A standard serving of each (3 tablespoons Cream of Wheat vs 1/2 cup oatmeal) is different in the uncooked state! Would a comparison of nutrition on a cooked in water cup of each reveal some valid data?

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