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3/5/11 9:11 A

Steel cut (when I have the time) and Quaker Oats Weight Control Cinnamon (when I don't)

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3/4/11 11:25 P

I love the old fashioned and some brands of the steel cut (supposed to be the best for you).

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3/4/11 6:16 P

I prefer steel cut oats, I can eat them every day. Do whichever you prefer, and if you need a change of pace you can switch.
I like to cook them with craisins for a little sweet, or top with fresh fruit, and nonfat plain yogurt.

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3/4/11 2:01 P

I prefer the steel cut oats because they are less processed.

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3/4/11 1:06 P

I would definitely go with the steel cut oats!

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3/3/11 8:15 P

I agree with the rest of the group about the nutritional components. However, why not have a different one everyday for variety. I add maple extract to my water that I cook my steel cut oats in. This way, I have the brown sugar flavor without the calories. Yummo.

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3/3/11 1:50 P

I agree with Kristin.

DONTKNOW6 Posts: 64
3/3/11 4:40 A

I like that Good morning packets from Quaker oats, they take only two minutes to make in the microwave and lots of different flavors!

KRISTIN9924 Posts: 859
3/2/11 8:29 P

I agree with the other posters, the nutritional difference is minimal. Personally, I prefer steel cut oats with a little fruit to sweeten it up plus a small bowl of yogurt or cottage cheese. I find that combining carbs, protein, and fat in a meal (or snack) helps me feel full longer.

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3/2/11 1:43 P

there really is so little difference I think you should decide on whatever tastes best to you.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
3/2/11 12:17 P

Personally I think they are all so similar in their nutritional breakdown that it doesn't make "that" much of a difference. Go with which one you like better...

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2/27/11 1:23 A

What is better and most filling for breakfast? I normally love steel cut oats, but I'm thinking multigrain is better. What do you think? I want one of these for breakfast tomorrow, I'm adding cooked apples and cinnamon to it.

Multigrain Oats - 130 cal, 1 gram of fat, 29 carbs, 5 fiber, 5 protein

Steelcut Oats - 150 cal, 2 grams of fat, 27 carbs, 4 fiber, 1 sugar, 5 Protein

Regular Old Fashion Oatmeal - 150 calories, 3 fat, 27 carbs, 4 fiber, 1 sugar, 4 Protein
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