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1/14/13 10:42 A

You can always enter the brand you buy with the details from the packaging onto the database and choose it as a " favorite" for your food tracker so it is easy to find when you want it. This speeds up the process and can be used for favorite recipes, too.

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1/13/13 3:25 P

Spark's entry isn't dry. That's why.

The first site I found oat bran info on had 231 calories per cup dry, 88 calories per cup cooked.

Spark is not incorrect.

All spark database entries are in a "ready to eat" state unless otherwise stated.

In future, if you find information you believe is incorrect, you can vote it as not correct on the nutritional info panel for that food. That will bring it to the team's attention.

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1/12/13 11:04 P

Oat bran is a tasty, healthful, and filling food to eat when trying to lose weight. I have noticed a huge discrepancy on nutritional data listed for this food on various websites. Spark People's data seems to be terribly incorrect. According to the USDA database, there are 231 calories in one cup of dry oat bran vs. the 88 calories listed on SP nutritional info. Other brands, such as Bob's Red Mill, list the calories at 450 calories per cup (listed as 150 per 1/3 cup on website). I have never encountered a healthy food with so many discrepancies. Even accounting for the amount of fat that might be removed from the bran during processing, there shouldn't be that huge of a difference in calories. I opted to enter the USDA info for dry oat bran on SP since it seems to fall in the middle range of what's floating around out there. This info can be found by selecting "search foods entered by other members" under "search" on the nutrition page. It would be a shame for members to think they are only eating 88 calories when they are really consuming much more. I hope SP addresses this error. I would be very interested to hear from the SP dietician on this topic.

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