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6/18/13 11:48 P


I got some new shoes, took a couple days off, and tried out my tread mill again tonight. I took it slower and did not stretch before hand. It was a great work out and there was no shin pain!!!
Thank you guys for all the great advice!

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
6/17/13 8:04 P

I second Katieniu's advice. Look to get professionally fitted shoes for your gait. Your local running store will help you out. Don't be intimidated--- they want you to get shoes that are appropriate for your feet/gait/chosen exercise

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6/17/13 11:37 A

Stretching beforehand is usually not recommended. A light warmup like walking is all that is needed to to get the body loose and blood flowing. Stretching afterwards is recommended.

What kind of shoes are are you wearing? I teach a beginner running program through my running club (I'm a certified a running coach) and when I hear my runners complain about shin pain the first thing I ask them is what shoes they are wearing and how old they are. Most of the time they are either in the incorrect shoe or the shoes are really old. I would recommed going to a local running store (yes they work with walkers as well) and get fitted. The shoes will cost more but will be well worth it. The cool thing about getting shoes from the local running store is that they have a generous return policy. In other words if the shoes don't work after say a month they'll let you return them no questions asked.

Hopefully it's a simple shoe problem. If not I would take it easy and maybe go see a doctor before it gets worse.

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6/17/13 11:28 A

Running is not a good daily workout. It's a high impact exercise that's hard on your body! If your shins are hurting, then it's likely shin splints, a repetitive use/stress injury like carpal tunnel. Definitely DO NOT work through it.

Are you wearing properly fitted running shoes? If not, it's time to get some. I used to suffer from major shin splints until I got properly fitted. Running in broken-down tennis shoes is a great way to hurt yourself. :)

How long have you been exercising? It doesn't sound like it's been long. It's best to build a good walking base before taking up running. It's not really a beginner exercise. :) You need to be walking consistently for at least a few months before trying to run.

You may also want to turn down the speed on your treadmill; it's easy to overstride and go too fast on the treadmill.

Running (especially for beginning runners) should not be done every day; you need to rest to let your body heal and recover from the stresses it places on your musculoskeletal system.

Runner's world has a GREAT video that explains what shin splints are, and how to deal with them. It's also important to get them checked out; there's two kinds of shin splints, and one is a potential stress fracture.

Never run through the pain.

Here's that video:

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6/17/13 7:23 A

It could be shin splints. I think you should make sure you're wearing a good pair of shoes. Maybe you should go to a running store and get fitted for a new pair of sneakers.

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6/17/13 4:56 A

What sort of sensation is it? Is it a sharp pain? Or is it more of a burning, like you get in muscles during strength training? If it's the latter, then it's probably a case of your shin muscles not being strong enough. An easy exercise to help strengthen them is to sit or stand with your shins perpendicular to the ground and lift your foot, keeping the heel on the ground.

If it's a sharp pain, it could be more serious, so if it continues go see a doctor.

6/16/13 11:46 P

Thank you for the advice! I'm so new to the whole walking/running thing. I will be sure to use your tip on the not stretching before hand. I let myself get so out of shape I just assumed that it was maybe normal? LOL But your right, I'll be sure to stop again if the pain starts back up. TY again!

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6/16/13 11:44 P

Definitely don't push through. You just started out - you're doing too much, too soon. Is there any way you could use a stationary bike or elliptical or go swimming instead? You need to do something that isn't going to have as hard of an impact on your legs until you can build up the muscle enough to do those workouts again. Good luck. You will get there!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/16/13 11:39 P

If you're in pain do NOT push through! I think just about every runner can tell you about the time they pushed through and ended up with a much worse injury that took them out for weeks! Pain is our body's way of saying "hey stop, this is bad" - listen!

It is generally not recommended that you stretch a cold muscle. Think of it like a rubber band - a cold rubber band is more susceptible to snapping than a warm one. Gently walking to warm up would suit your exercise far better. I don't know that stretching is the reason you hurt now (sometimes we just hurt), but pre-workout stretching should go regardless.

6/16/13 11:18 P

I have recently started working out daily. I like to use my tread mill 3-4 times a week and I usually don't go faster than 3MPH or longer than 45 minutes at a time. I love it and it feels great until today... I stretch before and after every walk but my shins are KILLING me. Tonight I only went for 20 and I can usually always last for at least 30. They only hurt when I was on the tread mill. Is this a normal wall I am hitting? Should I tone down my walks or push through? I really love the work out but I don't want to hurt myself and stop everything. TY!

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