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CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (105,618)
Fitness Minutes: (105,568)
Posts: 3,830
10/21/13 1:45 P

Pesto is my choice.

Then vodka sauce or carbonara.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
10/21/13 1:42 P

First, and you didn't specify this up for a vote but this is an aside, I'd request a gluten free pasta option be provided as many of us can't eat regular pasta.

But as to what you are asking for a vote on the third sauce, mine would not be any of the three options, instead I'd request some olive oil, butter and parmesan with some fresh herbs.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (194,543)
Fitness Minutes: (289,963)
Posts: 26,849
10/21/13 1:35 P

I was going to suggest a clam or seafood red sauce, but since you're having meatballs on the side, that's going to be a conflict of flavors.

While I do like fresh pesto, I will on occasion just have my pasta with a bit of butter and olive oil. Some times people do a go a bit over board on the sauces.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,262
10/21/13 1:29 P

I also vote for Vodka sauce or pesto

NANAS4GIRLS SparkPoints: (77,198)
Fitness Minutes: (2,895)
Posts: 174
10/21/13 12:59 P

Fresh Steamed Chopped Broccoli and Garlic sautéed in Olive Oil.

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,452
10/21/13 11:07 A

Make it simple, like butter with parmesan, romano and pecorino cheeses.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,049)
Fitness Minutes: (5,920)
Posts: 3,733
10/21/13 10:57 A

Thank you so much ladies. I should add that taste is the most important factor, any calorie-count is acceptable. Pesto, Vodka, and Primavera all sound wonderful. I hope the votes keep coming; I'm keeping a tally to determine everyone's favorite.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,286
10/21/13 10:38 A

EXNOLA Posts: 308
10/21/13 10:35 A

Vodka sauce should be fine, just maybe cook it longer than the recipe calls for. I add the vodka to mine so that it can simmer for at least 15 minutes. The alcohol does not cook off entirely, but I am comfortable feeding it to my kids.
You could do a pesto sauce instead. Bowie pasta with pesto is lovely especially with some fresh tomatoes on top and chicken or shrimp if you want some.
Neither of these options is low calorie, though, vodka sauce usually has cream in it and pesto has an oil base. You could do a primavera topping, so light sauce with lots of veggies.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 15,982
10/21/13 10:34 A


MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,049)
Fitness Minutes: (5,920)
Posts: 3,733
10/21/13 10:29 A

Thanks Obie. :) It is a Church based event; still, they may be ok with that.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (236,656)
Fitness Minutes: (119,084)
Posts: 14,717
10/21/13 9:55 A

vodka sauce is to die for! Have you ever tried it? It's a tomato base, but has a different flavor.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,049)
Fitness Minutes: (5,920)
Posts: 3,733
10/21/13 9:37 A

If you were going to a pasta buffet dinner with 3 sauce options, what would you want the third to be; marinara, alfredo, and ??? The pasta options will be fettuccine, bowtie, and shells.
Herb roasted meatballs will be served on the side.

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