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3/8/13 12:56 A

I have finally made it! I am 4.2 pounds under to be officially in onederland for the first time in about 15 years!! I am so happy and so proud of myself at last!!!


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3/7/13 11:32 P

I never understood onederland until Sparkpeople and Biggest Loser. I have never been over 200 lbs before but I think that anyone who accomplishes losing a significant amount of weight is worthy of celebration. Congrats on your steady success!

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3/7/13 9:52 P


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3/7/13 12:18 P

emoticon It does feel good! Keep it in the positive!!!

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3/7/13 11:50 A


46 pounds over three years but I am finally here! And don't it feel good?! emoticon


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