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10/24/13 4:10 P

Good for you! Those kind of days stink. I don't eat fast food anymore (never did much anyway), but I identify with the burger/fries craving. If I get those now, I make a burger with extra lean ground beef with a bunch of onions, mushrooms, (sautéed in a teeny bit of olive oil) with 2% cheese on one slice of rye bread (patty melt-ish) and baked sweet potato fries or homemade kale chips.

I find it works really well because I now enjoy the taste MORE than a greasy burger and fried fries and I don't feel guilty because I know exactly what's in it and how many calories it contains.

Anyway, great job!

DAHLIA444444 SparkPoints: (292)
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10/22/13 10:52 P

Glad you ate healthy instead. Next time you're tempted for some fast food, read this article.


ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,953
10/19/13 4:50 P

I am glad that you took care of yourself, instead of getting some junk, that eventually would have made you feel crummy.

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
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10/19/13 2:38 P

Glad you made it through!

Something that helps me when I'm tempted by foods I know I shouldn't eat is to think about how ANGRY I am that these companies pay millions of dollars for chemicals to TRICK me into thinking I want their food. THOSE BASTARDS! I think of it kind of like "big tobacco." Why should I fall for that crap and give in to eating food that's not really food? I am not a thing to be toyed with!

Get mad! It might work.

Also, even when things are super stressful try to eat SOMETHING so you never get to that point where you could house a triple-decker burger no problem.

Hope the kids are behaving better!

JENNENGELHARDT SparkPoints: (1,273)
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10/19/13 10:25 A

Thank you everyone so much for your support. I did not give in and I am so glad that I didn't, I made myself a nice healthy dinner instead then locked myself in the bathroom and took a nice bubble bath for an hour. I am back in my care mood. LOL. I know I am going to have bad days and good days, I just need to learn how to handle the bad days better. I am so glad I can come on here and get wonderful words from people who really care. I can not wait to weigh myself tomorrow. I am so excited about it. I know I have done amazing and I know there will be another weight loss. Thank you again everyone. It really meant a lot all the nice words.


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10/18/13 11:02 A


I hope you're feeling better this morning. It's never an easy thing being a parent. There certainly are times when all you want to do is take a nose dive into comfort food. Here's what I've learned from my own years of dealing with similar high stress situations.

Never eat comfort food when you're ticked off. When a person is upset, they don't really taste the food. We stuff our faces as a way to stuff our emotions. So, I try to avoid eating a burger or fries or something else I really like when I'm stressed out because I really don't taste the food. Instead, I've found that some deep breathing exercises really does help.

You know how our moms said,"stop and count to ten" ? that still works.

So, save the burger and fries for a time when you'll sit and savor them. When you're stressed out, do try some deep breathes.

WHAT_THE_HECK SparkPoints: (4,505)
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10/18/13 8:48 A

You probably care more than you think you do or you would be at McDonald's instead of posting here!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,664)
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10/17/13 11:13 P

Unfortunately, kids will be kids and unfortunately, them fighting is at times part and parcel of the 'happy family' scenario :-(

I also note on your SparkPage that you work as well as being a mum, which as we all know is a full-time job in itself. I strongly suggest that you be able to make some time for yourself, and your having gone for that walk was a brilliant way of getting out being in the middle of it all and helping to clear your head. Perhaps for next time, rather than skipping your meal and then ending up craving the fast food (whether skipping the meal has caused it or not), take a banana or similar with you to eat on the way. It might help to keep that crave at bay until you are settled to eat a proper meal.

Good luck,

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
10/17/13 10:32 P

Great job on going for a walk to clear your head! I know you are in a don't care mood after what happened, but I would say to ask yourself if you will care later. I'm guessing you will, so maybe instead of going out for fast food, you can make something healthier at home and still allow a small indulgence there. My guess is that you would be happier in the long run if you did that rather than going out for fast food.

Coach Denise

JENNENGELHARDT SparkPoints: (1,273)
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10/17/13 9:16 P

Oh I know I will feel like crap after I eat it. Like I said tonight I just don't care. And I will feel better when I eat it then after the whole night will come back. I know it. I am trying so hard not to give in.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,070)
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10/17/13 9:09 P

Will that fast food make your problems go away? How will you feel after you eat that food, tonight or tomorrow?

JENNENGELHARDT SparkPoints: (1,273)
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Posts: 31
10/17/13 9:05 P

Ok this is the first time I am using this for help so I don't slip. I had an awful night tonight. The kids were awful and fought all night. That also made me and my husband on edge so we were kind of snapping at each other. I am at my don't care point. I have been eating healthy food all week and walking all week as well. I lost 7 pounds and all I want right now is a juicy burger and fries. Maybe chicken nuggets. I don't know, but I did not really bother to eat dinner cause I was dealing with the kids yelling all through dinner. I tell you they went to bed early and got pumpkin carving taken away till Sunday. I could not believe the way they acted tonight. I have 2 girls and a boy and they all know better then that. I went for a mile walk to try to clear my head and stay healthy instead of giving in and now I am home and right back to just give me a soda and some real food. Ha that's funny I am considering fast food real food right now. That's just sad. Well thank you for letting me vent.

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