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LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
1/12/12 8:29 A

Wildag, if ever in doubt a good way to check the stated calorie burn for a dance game (or wii/kinect sports game) is to assume 5 to 8 cal per minutes is about average (8 being for the more intense sessions, 5 being for would be less if you hardly moved); anything higher than that might be from it getting a little bit over excited about your arms moving a lot or something like that. I did a lot of reading to figure that out; you can google around for calorie burn for wii/kinect to see what some small (often personal) research has shown.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/11/12 9:58 P

Calories with the capital C *are* ones you eat, actually. Most people just don't capitalize it outside of scientific documents.

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,461
1/11/12 9:14 P

1250 kcal = 1250 calories!
calories is what you eat...Calories (with a capital C) is something don't worry about it.

WILDAG Posts: 24
1/11/12 8:43 P

I did not think I had. Checked closer tonight and the Total that shows was a gauge for the session this evening. And numbers show up for each song during that time. Again thanks for the thoughts. and I thought Kcal would make it a thousand like in science but am trying not to guess with the calories burned for exercise.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/11/12 1:22 P

Just remember, because these terms are a 1,000 times different from each other you can NOT get it wrong.

If you think that something is telling you that your 30 minutes of exercise burned 0.3 calories, that is probably physics calories, and real burn was 1,000 times that or 300. You know less than one single calorie can't be right.

If you see a food and think it says it's 450,000 or 0.45 calories for this perfectly ordinary meal, you know that food isn't hundreds of thousands of calories, nor is any one meal going to be less than one single calorie. You've got the term confused and it's really 450 calories.

It would be more complicated if the figures were a little bit off each other, like celcius and fahrenheit. But they're so far off that relax - you can NOT get this wrong. You really just can't. :)

WILDAG Posts: 24
1/11/12 11:33 A

Thanks very much to everyone for their thoughts.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/11/12 10:11 A

A calorie (often abbreviated as cal with a lowercase c) is the amount of energy that it takes to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree celsius in temperature. A kilocalorie (also called a kcal, a Calorie with a capital C, or a Cal) is 1000 calories.

In nutrition and exercise, we use the kilocalorie (kcal, Calorie, whatever...) as a standard unit of measure. Common parlance has adopted the word "Calorie" to mean something different than it does in science, and to confuse things further, most people don't capitalize the C anymore, either.

Unless you're reading physics journals, lab reports or the like, the terms calorie and kilocalorie are interchangeable.

WILDAG, I don't understand your question, but if something says that an exercise burns 125 calories, it means that it burns 125 kilocalories aka 125 Calories (although that wouldn't be correct in the sorts of scientific documents that most people never run into).

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1/11/12 10:04 A

@clugster--Have you tried recreating the salad yourself? I'd be willing to bet good money that you can make it yourself with less calories.

@wildag-- it sounds like the program is telling you that in that session you have burned 125 calories and in the last song in that session you burned 50 calories. I'm not familiar with Wii/Kinect games so I'm just guessing :P

WILDAG Posts: 24
1/11/12 9:42 A

In this message you state kcal ='s calories if I am reading what you stated correctly. If this is try my Dance revolution in the exercise area tells me I have say a Total 125 kcals and 50kcals
does that mean total I have burned 125 calories. With either that day or that song I burned 50 calories? I do not expect for you completely know what I am talking about, and the game is new for me so I am still trying to figure it out. While doing so try and track it in my aerobic area of fitness. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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1/22/11 5:42 P

Yikes!!! I was afraid of that. Darn it that was my favorite salad to eat. emoticon

Thanks for your help.

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,332
1/22/11 5:33 P

kcal is the correct abbreviation for dietary calories. cal is the abbreviation for calories in physics class. So, the 1250 kcal means 1250 calories to a dieter (and 1,250,000 calories to a physicist!)

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1/22/11 5:27 P

I went to Applebees; I ordered Oriental Chicken Salad, Regular. I tried to look it up on the nutrition tracker and did not have it. Therefore, I looked it up on their website. They have it down as 1250 kcal. I know that you should divide it by 1000 to get calories. My answer would be 1.25 calories. I am little confused with that number. HELP!!!! Am I doing something wrong or is there a little tiny note that I should be aware of? emoticon

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