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1/4/11 3:56 P

Not all restaurants provide their nutrition information. Sometimes you can call and ask them to email a PDF of their nutrition information to you, but again, most do not have it. Sometimes they'll have a copy of it printed at the restaurant itself and you can ask to see it, but same goes as before: don't be surprised if they don't have it.

Here is what I do when I go out to a restaurant and don't know what the menu will be like:

- Get something I'm in the mood for that I can assume will be a healthy option. For instance: fish with steamed veggies, grilled chicken and rice, a grilled chicken sandwich, steak with veggies, etc. Basically I make sure there's some kind of protein, grains, and veggies/fiber.
- As for low seasoning, if possible, and avoid gravies, cheesy sauces, etc. If it comes with dressing or sauce, ask for it on the side.
- When the meal comes, I immediately ask for a to-go box. I cut my meal in half. If I got chicken with rice and veggies, I put half of the portion of chicken and half of the rice in the box and close it, then I enjoy the rest of my meal. Not only does this help in keeping portions in check (because most restaurants' dishes are actually two or more serving sizes, not one!) but it makes it so easy to enter the food into my SP nutrition tracker. I can simply go home, open the box, and look at the food. Also, this makes your dollar go farther; instead of one $15 meal, you have two healthy $7.50 meals!

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1/4/11 3:47 P

Does anyone know where I can find the nutritional info for this restaurant? We are going there for my son's b-day on Saturday for lunch and I really want to stay as on top of things as I can while there. There is no info on their website, however I am sure that it's on the menu when you get there. I just wanted a head start at planning.

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