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You could try looking on the websites of like Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill, Carabba's... basically any bigger Italian place to see if they have something similar... I would guess most of them do, and then find the nutritional information for that to base it on. Heck, even look at a non-Italian restaurant for something like macaroni and cheese, since that's basically what it is. I would guess, for the entire serving (which is probably more than you can eat in one sitting if you're used to eating smaller portions already) would be at least 1200 calories.

Also on weeks when I know I have a big splurge meal coming, I reduce my regular caloric intake by 50-100... not a lot but it adds up to allow me to have that splurge meal. Also in the few days after I try to keep the sodium intake low and drink lots of water, since restaurant food is so full of sodium.

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1/15/13 9:48 A

I'm pretty set on the pasta quatro fromage. I was just wondering so I knew how much it was going cost me! :) I figure a little extra time working out and filling up on fruits and veggies all day before dinner, and it should work out ok. I figure since I watch what I eat and give up what I really want most of the time, I'm going to make an exception for my birthday dinner and get whatever I want!

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Well, pasta with quatro fromage means pasta with 4 cheeses, so I doubt it's healthy. Do they have other dishes that maybe have a lean meat like chicken involved, instead of pasta? If the restaurant has a website with at least the menu, we can look at it and suggest some other items that might be a better choice than the pasta :)

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Local places are very difficult. The odds are that if it's not a major national chain, they don't have the money to do the caloric info. So, you're going to have to go armed with the knowledge of what typical italian dishes are, and estimate. You can aim for healthy choices there (whole grain pasta if it's available, skipping pasta altogether, avoiding cream sauces, lots of veggies) to make it easier, but you won't be able to get it perfect.

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1/14/13 4:21 P

Hi. My boyfriend is taking me out to eat for my birthday this weekend. I am doing weight watchers so I plan on saving all my weekly points for this one meal (tough but doable since I'm going to be munching on a lot of fruits and veggies). My problem is I have no idea where to find the nutritional information. It is a small local italian restaurant so I don't know where to go to find it. A quick google search didn't really reveal much. Anyone have any ideas?

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