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BRITOMART Posts: 8,126
10/8/11 8:36 P

Welcome, and congratulations.

Think about it this way, maybe. You are 3+ weeks into a new way of living--it's a skill you are developing. That means you are practicing--not perfect, practicing--new habits.

Do you remember learning to ride a bike? Or playing an instrument? It took time, it produced failures, (falls, ugly notes) before you mastered it--and even when you DO master it, there will be slips, slides, and 'ooops-es.' That's all part of process. Be gentle with yourself.

That said, part of the 'practice' is learning froom our errors. Ok, you ate two small pieces of cake--not two big ones, not half the cake...why 2? what made that second one so attractive? Maybe the cake was just that good? If so, fit it into your day (or not) and go on.

SP calls it "lifestyle" (not 'diet') for a reason! you're beginning to hear that reason in your life. Enjoy. Good success on your journey.

GRAGAIN Posts: 52
10/8/11 7:24 P

I'm feeling the same way. I have been working a lot of hours and finding time to plan and cook healthy meals is just not working out like I've planned. I've been trying to avoid the cafe at work because of the hidden calories and fat. Yikes! Some low fat snack suggestions would be great.

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10/8/11 4:52 P

Good for you. You are starting out so well. Congrats!

I found (still do) it very helpful to track my food before I eat it. This makes me plan my meals and snacks in advance and allows me to see where I have room to add in a little extra here or there in case I need a snack or am going out and will be around food.

Whenever I go to a restaurant I look at their menu online first and make selections and enter them into my tracker. If the restaurant isn't online I still enter in what I have eaten. This all takes extra time and is sometimes a real hassle, but believe me, it is very enlightening as to the components of restaurant food. Do you hear sat fat and sodium???

Anyway, I sure hope you don't give up or give in. You really are on your way to lasting, positive change.

JGECEWICZ145 Posts: 40
10/8/11 3:30 P

I am going to be starting my fourth week of using SparkPeople tomorrow. (Go me!) Pretty much all the foods I've eaten in the last three weeks, I've logged in to my tracker. This is fantastic for me. But lately, I have been finding that I the foods have been entering into my nutrition tracker are less than stellar. We celebrated a friend's bridal shower at work yesterday, and I ended up eating two small pieces of cake.

What is the matter with me!? GRRRR.

How can I improve my choices during the day AND maybe more importantly, NOT obsess when I eat something less-than-healthy or skip a day of my exercise program??? I am trying to view this as a lifestyle change... and deep down I feel like it is. But some old, unhealthy habits are creeping back to the surface [i.e. stinkin' thinkin'].

Thoughts?!?! Thanks.

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