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JIBBIE49 Posts: 59,796
5/10/13 9:18 P

What has your doctor said about this medical problem? It sounds serious. Do you have a severe inner ear infection?
I do agree that many husbands aren't a help when a woman is ill.
I keep frozen food such as Stoffers so I can fix something in the microwave if I don't want to cook. It can go in the oven as well for about 30 minutes. I can always eat ice cream when I don't feel well, and so I have some in the freezer. I try to stay away from it on average days.

DATPANNA Posts: 158
5/6/13 4:54 A

Seeing as you haven't had a reply to this post, honestly, my advice would be a nice healthy soup. Perhaps make up a batch during allergy seasons and freeze it? Then, pop it in the microwave. It's fast, hot, and nutritious. Plus, men can sometimes lean towards the microwave, lol. There are also good canned soups out there. You can pair it with a multigrain half sandwich of some kind.

Hopefully you've spoken to your doctor about your vertigo. Hope you feel better!

MILLIFRED Posts: 672
5/4/13 7:54 P

Today I spent the day fighting and attack of spinning vertigo; During these attack my balance is so poor I can literally do nothing for myself. The problem is trying to eat healthy when I finally get to the point where I can eat at all; husbands are not great caretakers! I was reading a blog from another member who was having a migraine and with a similar experience. You need good nutritious food to feel better but there is nobody there to make you nutritious food. I love fruit but a hot meal would have been very welcome. How do some of the rest of you deal with this type of problem?

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