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11/17/11 11:56 P

I kind of watch my pie chart for ranges... 10-20% protein, 55%+ carbs, and 25-35% fat. As long as I'm not backwards on carbs and fats I'm happy with it.

MORPH42 SparkPoints: (1,286)
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11/17/11 6:24 P

I look at the small pie chart that shows calories, fat and carbs. I keep changing my foods to try to find that right balance. Today is only my 4th day and the first day that I have stayed within my range on everything. I love all the reports and charts, it opens my eyes to what I'm really eating.

11/17/11 4:29 P

Don't obsess over the pie chart.
The main thing you want to do is be within the SP ranges for calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates. These ranges are based on overall health recommendations for adults. So use the ranges and forget the pie chart.
SP Dietitian Becky

INSIDEOUT2010 Posts: 572
11/17/11 3:23 P

Mine seems to balance without much effort on my part, give or take a few points. I have noticed that the more "pie slices", the more calories I tend to have eaten throughout the day. Less pie slices = lower calorie intake. For me less variety tends to make me less hungry.

MORPH42 SparkPoints: (1,286)
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11/17/11 2:33 P

Hopefully in time I will learn what a healthy balance is and won't have to look at it as much. But I think it is a great tool.

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11/17/11 2:28 P

YES!!!! Everytime I fill my nutrition tracker out I have a hard time getting in enough w/o going over. Think I'm going to stop looking at my report also.

TMCLEOD4 Posts: 1,673
11/17/11 2:24 P

I did for a while. Then, I decided to concentrate on other things. I'm trying to eat healthy and doing the best I can. I rarely even look at the daily report now.

MORPH42 SparkPoints: (1,286)
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11/17/11 1:44 P

I am obsessing over this chart trying to get everything I eat to balance out as close as possible to what the goal is. Does anyone else do this?

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