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1/6/12 12:05 P

I would like a "Add yesterdays meal" button, cause I keep having the same things. I know you can go back to yesterday and "Copy this meal to another day" which is great- I love that- but it would be even more convenient not to have to go back a day to grab the meal.

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6/30/11 9:13 A

I'm brand-spanking new to Sparkpeople and am trying to use the site with an iPad, which may be a problem, but since I haven't acceded the site on a pc, I don't know. Any help?

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
6/29/11 11:58 P

There were some bugs with the new tracker when it was first rolled out but it seems to me they've been sussed out and fixed. I use Chrome and find it's working VERY well with it now. Thanks to all the techies that listened!

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6/29/11 8:58 A

I love the new nutrition tracker and have discovered that with certain firewalls that Internet Explorer doesn't work well with it. I've started using Firefox regularly because Firefox can handle the new tracker.

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6/29/11 8:03 A

I think it would be nice to have a 'move to' as well as the copy to button. I often track food on the wrong day or wrong meal, and then to get it to the correct place I have to first delete it from the wrong place and the readd it to the correct meal. It would be nice to have a 'move to' option that would move food from one meal to another.

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6/24/11 3:07 P

New food tracker is great but living in UK some items are not recognised

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6/24/11 12:53 P

I really like the new tracker also, much better than having a window pop up.

I'd really like a quick entry option. If I know the calories of something I'd like to be able to enter just that, especially if I'm in a hurry. I know I can enter my own food and use just that option but if there was a line in the tracker for the name, meal and calories it would make it that much easier. I understand the value of the other items being tracked, but I'm diabetic and for me the carb count is a little high, even using the diabetic options, so I don't necessarily go by the other numbers.

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6/24/11 11:07 A

I am so grateful to have the Tracker. I love the flexibility, ease of use and recipes. The only change that I would like to request is to be able to modify the set recipe portions. For example, I made the Turkey Cabbage Rolls and one portion is .5 servings (one serving is two rolls, so .5= one roll) and that is fine, but I would like to have leftovers of the rolls and eat only half of a roll (.25 servings) with cottage cheese. If there is a way to edit the set recipe servings I haven't found it yet. Any suggestions? emoticon

AASLP___ Posts: 9,650
6/18/11 8:53 A


Thank you for your suggestions and comments--I will pass them along!

LNANNE Posts: 2
6/18/11 8:39 A

I really really like the new nutrition tracker. I especially like how fast it is to search and narrow down my favorites when entering food. Here are a couple of little things that would make it easier!
1. The default meal on favorites is the last one I entered from my previous session. That is never the correct meal for this time because I'm done with that meal! It would be great if it could remember the last meal for that food item (so cereal would default to breakfast since that's when I'm most likely to have eaten it).
2. It would be great if it would keep the search words between the "favorites" and "search" tabs. I have to retype what I just searched for in favorites when I realize it's not there when I go back to the search tab and lose what I just typed.

And this isn't a suggestion but validating an issue I've seen other people comment on. Sometimes on the favorites tab, it's having trouble displaying the measure and meal (moving circle like it's "busy" coming up with it). But I just add the food rather than wait and fix it below (faster than waiting!).

Thanks so much for a great site!

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