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4/10/13 10:03 P

Thanks for your replies. I agree with those that said to use the Spark generated info instead of user inputted. I usually always choose the Spark information when tracking. I just thought it was odd that usually my tracker showed around 10 -15 but yesterday and today it showed 0. I'm not worried because I supplement anyway per Dr's advice.

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4/10/13 12:24 P

One of the issues with tracking vitamins is that most of them are not required by law to be shown on product nutrition labels. Even when folks are inputting all information from their labels (and many don't enter the vitamins and minerals), most vitamins and minerals won't be there.

I try to use the SparkPeople entries as much as possible, but ended up doing some searching on my own in order to find more complete info on some things. For example, my canned salmon doesn't show any B12 on the label, so I had to go to to find out that salmon has 100% RDA of B12 in my 55g serving.

One of the things that I need to track (due to a severe deficiency) is folate - another item that isn't required to be shown on food labels. I have been able to find the information on folate content on whole foods either in the SparkPeople database or the NutritionData database, but have resigned myself to accepting that I'll never know if there is any folate in most of the pre-made foods that I use. I try to hit 100% RDA with the foods that I know contain it, but don't get my knickers in a twist about it if I'm a bit low some days, since I assume that there is some in some of the foods that I don't have the data on.

As has been said, if you are eating fish, meats, and dairy then you are most likely at or over 100% of your RDA on B12 each day. Check the SparkPeople database and the NutritionData database to confirm , and update your own food entries to include this info if your label data doesn't include it. This should help your tracker be more accurate.

It is a lot of work in the beginning, but once all of the info is in for your favourites, then it's only a matter of updating anything new that you're adding. It is worth it in the end to be able to understand what is really in your food (and your doc will thank you for the accurate info).

Good luck!

4/10/13 12:07 P

I try to find food that was created by SparkPeople and not the members. No offense to my fellow SparkPeople members but the foods that are already in the SparkPeople database created by SparkPeople themselves have many nutrients that might not even be on the label from the food manufacturer. Even if I eat something organic (which is 95% of my food), I just look for the generic stuff that is on the top of the list. For example, if I type in something simple like "banana" or "chicken thigh", usually the first item on the list that shows up will be the one by SparkPeople with all the vitamins and minerals in it.

If you want to find out all the nutrition information in "real" foods such as rolled oats, chicken, beef, etc., you can go here:

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4/10/13 11:27 A

I don't know if mine are shared, but I know I don't enter any Vitamin and Mineral information.

How do you NOT share your foods? I know how to not share the recipes, but not manually entered foods??

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4/10/13 7:22 A

If you are getting plenty of fish and meat, then the problem may not be so much in your diet but rather that there is a medical problem. As an example, Celiac Disease can cause it, and so too can Crohn's Disease and those who have had some of their intestines removed.

Below is are a couple links that may be helpful:

I agree with DRAGONCHILDE's comment about members food entries - I know that I don't share mine because I don't track everything, and apart from the fact that a lot of other members don't also, their calorie/fat etc. data is often quite inaccurate.

I think if it were me, and if you eat a reasonable amount of animal products (meats, cheese, etc.) then I would be asking your Dr to check out various other causes.


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4/9/13 10:21 P

If you are using entries input by SParkpeople members, they may not be including all of the vitamins and minerals listed on the label, so your totals may be artificially underinflated. I would rely only on SP entries (one without usernames) or your own entries if tracking this nutrient is important for you.

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4/9/13 10:00 P

I set up my tracker to track this vitamin once my Dr. told me I am deficient and everyday I am way under. Today for the first time it showed 0. I read the description of foods that contain B-12 and it listed beef and fish. I had ground beef for dinner and fish for lunch so why did my tacker show 0 for today? Now I am questioning all of my previous results. Any ideas?

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