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IOWAGRAMMA Posts: 10,151
2/5/13 10:05 A

Yes, those gremlins like to creep in lots of places! Thanks, anyway!! emoticon emoticon

2/5/13 8:27 A

I have no idea....I say it is "computer gremlins"

IOWAGRAMMA Posts: 10,151
2/4/13 8:23 P

Hi, Coach Becky. I haven't changed anything recently other than to update my height (found out I am 1.5 shorter than I used to be), and goal dates, etc., which in turn changed my calorie range slightly. I believe that was about a month ago. Interestingly, this evening my intake values for Potassium are the same for both entries, and I notice that daily totals are always the same for previous days. Magnesium also appeared suddenly, which I had never tracked before, but there's only one for it and now I follow it. Thanks for any input. Guess it really doesn't matter so much, except...which one is the one I should be using? LOL!! Jeannie

2/4/13 8:03 P

We are trying to locate the answer to your question.
Have you recently started using our heart healthy resource center/meal plans, etc???

Dietitian Becky

IOWAGRAMMA Posts: 10,151
2/4/13 2:04 P

Recently I noticed that a second entry for Potassium, K has appeared on my Nutrition Tracker and I now have 2 Potassiums. I didn't put it there. Besides that, there are 2 different goal ranges. On one the goal range is 2,000-3,500 and the other is 4,500-6,000. I have already entered my planned food for today, so I am able to see what my intake will be. Besides the different goal ranges, I have 2 different amounts that are recorded for my intake!!! On the one with the lower range, I have 4,392 listed, but on the one with the bigger range, I have 3,930 listed. I am totally confused...does anyone have any insight or ideas as to what is going on? Thanks!

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