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5/1/11 10:02 P

Eating clean means avoiding processed foods in all forms. If you eat clean, you mainly cook at home, eat foods made from real ingredients such as veggies, fruits and meats. No artificial sweeteners, no pre-packaged foods, etc.

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5/1/11 3:20 P

Krissylm, eating 'clean' means different things to different people. For low-carb eating, it means not eating any added sugars and sticking to your plan's carb levels. There are added sugars in lots of foods where you wouldn't expect them, including beef jerky, cole slaw, craisins and most 'diet' foods.

You subtract fiber from total carbs to calculate your 'Net Carbs'. Basically, low-carb plans allow you all the fiber you want because they do not enter your bloodstream or affect your insulin, triglycerides or blood sugar levels. In some low-carb plans, you count Net Carbs but not calories.

HEYTORI Posts: 11
5/1/11 1:45 P

I am also starting back on a low carb diet. The first two weeks are always the hardest! We can do it.

KRISSYLM Posts: 22
4/28/11 2:42 A

I keep hearing the term eating "clean"...what does that mean? Also, what is the subtracting fiber from carbs all about? I don't think I've ever heard of that.

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4/27/11 8:01 P

SvelteSharon, the problem with using the net carbs on the tracker is that many of the numbers are inaccurate. I have better luck just subtracting fiber from the total carb number. I eat "clean" and don't do any of the low-carb bars. The calcs for those foods are more complicated.

STEPJOY Posts: 4,734
4/27/11 2:23 P

If you don't want to calculate net carbs yourself, you can add it to your tracker as one of your nutrition goals. It's listed as "Carbs (for low-carb diet)," although you'll have to manually add your ranges.

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4/27/11 2:09 P

Something about carbs and low-carb diets to remember: The maintenance phase of most low-carb diets includes quite a lot of wiggle room for fruits and even some starchy 'white' carbs like pasta. It is up to you how you spend your 75 to 150 grams of NET CARBS (carbs minus the fiber) on maintenance as long as you can keep from gaining weight. That is quite a bit of added fruit! Once I get to a more reasonable weight, I have every intention of eating more fruit than I currently do. This is not a lifetime of going without fruit, but I personally thing you have to be a little more strict when actively trying to lose weight than when actively trying to maintain weight. Also, I think that some people forget that 1/2 cup of cooked pasta is one serving (I think it was Becky who said that). I suspect that a lot of people think that 2 cups of noodles is moderation, when it is in fact pasta for a family of four!

JANET0116 Posts: 672
4/27/11 1:57 P

I do 'lower' carb as well and have been for over a year now. It is amazing how well my blood sugar is stabilized eating this way. I used to very frequently get the 'shakes' and be ravenous and irritable within a few hours of eating and not understand why. Now I know.

Anyway, you can have fruit, starchy veggies, 'white' carbs and even eat out and keep your carbs around 150 g a day - take a look at my tracker yesterday for example. LOL I thought I ate horribly but after I logged it all, I am still intuitively eating lower carb than the standard American 'healthy' diet.

The secret: measure your portions and track, track, track!

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4/27/11 12:15 P

Thanks for the info. I am new to the low carb eating but love it.

SONI51 Posts: 491
4/27/11 12:05 P

You know...I did the Atkins plan some years ago. I couldn't eat a fruit AT ALL! When I completed the program you go into maintenance and it was still hard to give up all carbs and fruit, so I gained back the weight AND THEN SOME over the course of 3-4 years.

I believe that you need fruit in your life and white flour carbs on occasions, but try to eat more whole grains or almond flour products instead to keep safe. What keeps me focused is by remembering that flour and water mixed together turns to paste and that is exactly what you are putting in your body, your arteries when we eat too much of it.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/27/11 11:55 A

hey I'm new to this forum. Could you tell me what your typical daily menu looks like and how much you eat. I'm trying low carb. Thanks, Amy
my email is

GIRLIE0902 Posts: 11
4/21/11 11:47 P

I just started back on the low carb diet yesterday. I am looking for someone for support. I am craving sugar like mad. I have done low carb before, but I have gained back about five pounds in the last six months. I want that gone along with another 15. Anyone have similar goals?

KRISSYLM Posts: 22
4/21/11 10:38 P

Hey kids! New to this message board and found it by "accident" (or was it fate!). I typed in low carb to find information on a topic I was looking into and never expected an actual message board to pop up! So here I am! Lost around 100 pds doing low carb and then when I had my daughter, I gained back half of it. It's been so long since I stuck to something term that I had forgotten how I lost it in the first place and now I remember! Low carb is also recommended for hypothyroid which is what I acquired after the birth of my daughter. Now I have to get back to how to do the whole low carb thing again so hopefully you all can give me pointers along the way! Glad to have found ya'll! emoticon

KHOWARD67 Posts: 63
4/21/11 9:28 P

I think it all depends on what our individual bodies are sensitive too. Mine is sensitive to starchy foods. It's just the way it is for me. It's not that rice and pasta are forbidden, I "plan" to have them now instead of as a default when there is nothing else.

Once you figure out which "way of eating" is right for you, you will lose weight and feel better.

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4/6/11 9:00 P

Losing100slowly, you don't have to buy the book. A LOT of that info is available online for free. That's how I checked out various plans before trying them out. Then it's time to buy a book. :)

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4/6/11 4:44 P

Yeap...we all know why we got here...right there with you!

LOSING100SLOWLY SparkPoints: (0)
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4/6/11 4:43 P

Ah, crap now you're making me want to go buy the book so I know what the heck you're talking about. Once upon a time I owned one of the South Beach books but I sold it online after failing to finish even one week of it.

Who am I kidding. I just ate 2,000 calories of chinese food. Low-carb has NOTHING to do with it!

GORDITA_NO_MORE SparkPoints: (0)
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4/6/11 2:44 P

I don't think as depriving myself but when trying to lose weight, there is a lot of compromise involved. You either have to compromise portion sizes, certain foods that lead to overindulgence, or commit to a more rigorous exercise routine. There is no change without change (I know it is redundant).
So it all depends what you feel more confident or comfortable committing to.

So lets say giving up chocolate is not an option, great! Don't! Choose dark over milk chocolate and eat less of it!!! You are not comfortable giving up fruits? that is perfectly ok! Choose the right fruits while on a weight loss plan and add other fruits along the way. But always think 'compromise', not 'deprivation'!!! You are working towards a goal! The foods you will be able to eat will change with every stage.

BEARCLAW6 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/6/11 2:15 P

Losing100slowly, you are right. Giving up all fruits (or really any fruits) for the rest of your life is pretty silly. But....

There is a BIG difference between trying to lose weight and trying to maintain weight. The losing weight people are eating between 20 and 100g carbs per day. The maintaining weight people are each different, but are generally in the 60-150g carbs range. I don't eat much fruit. In fact, I eat probably about two ounces of fruit per week. This is almost none. But, I am trying to lose weight, and for me, losing weight is easy if I avoid sugars and starches. In the past, I have tried to lose weight by avoiding 'bad' foods as defined by the low-fat people and it ended in disaster and hunger. I tried to just cut down on everything, and it ended in disaster and hunger. But when I tried cutting out sugar and starchy foods, it was easy. EASY for me.

Now, how do I eat now compared to how I will eat if I am NOT trying to lose weight? I have every intention of eating watermelon this summer. I wouldn't have it any other way. But, I won't be finishing off an entire 15 pound watermelon by myself in a two day period like I used to. I will use moderation. Once I get closer to a better weight, I will slowly increase my carbs until I stop losing weight. But....these carbs will be beans and fruits, not HoHos or white rice. Many people seem to think that a low-carb diet means no fruit. This is wrong. What it means is reducing your carbs until you lose weight and then increasing your carbs until you find the ones that are actually bad for you. I suspect that I will have to restrict my grains and potatoes to small portions or rare things for the rest of my life. But fruit, I bet I can eat much more than I currently do and be just fine. But I won't be trying to lose weight at that time.

Edit: And I wouldn't dream of giving up chocolate! I just use moderation and eat the really dark stuff.

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LOSING100SLOWLY SparkPoints: (0)
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4/6/11 2:00 P

What I'm trying to say is....

Asking me to give up chocolate is one thing. When you start asking me to give up certain kinds of fruit, then I guarantee this is not a lifestyle change I can stick to for the rest of my life.

Maybe a week, maybe even a month....but not 100 years.

I'm just not a person who can be deprived of something and be happy.

MIZSKI SparkPoints: (0)
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4/6/11 1:55 P

Loosing100Slowly, you may want to take a peek at some lists of lower carb veggies and fruits from "the diet that shall not be named" to help you in making lower carb choices. Berries & melons are MUCH lower than other fruits. Root veggies in general and winter squashes are higher carb. Grains & legumes are high carb. Many choose to limit these foods when trying to lose weight.

FWIW, I eat at least 9 servings of veg a day (mostly non-starchy veg). I only eat fruit that is in season and preferably local so that means I eat fruit during the summer (OK, I did have a few clementines this winter! LOL). I can get all the nutrients and phytochemicals from veggies without all that sugar. I made the decision to avoid grains because of the inflammatory nature of all the lectins found in grains (esp. wheat and gluten) and use breads and baked goods made from almond and coconut flour instead.

It is about personal choice and doing research to see what foods and WOE will fit into your lifestyle permanently. HTH :)

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4/6/11 1:17 P

I would keep the banana and eat half the muffin instead of eating the whole english muffin.
Not all fruits are the same either: berries are much lower in carbs than say apples.
Pack a container full of berries instead.
You can pack salads on plastic containers and take them to work instead of a sandwich. If you feel you really must have whole grain, get whole wheat tortillas and make some quesadillas stuffed with grilled chicken, or beans and some reduced fat cheese, grilled veggies, the options on quesadillas are endless...

NANCYANNE1956 Posts: 533
4/6/11 1:12 P

I cut my carbs by eliminating processed foods, flour and sugar. I select fruits and vegetables that are lower in carbs.

LOSING100SLOWLY SparkPoints: (0)
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4/6/11 1:04 P

I don't mean to offend anyone, like I said - I am actually attempting to lower my carbs.

But my problem with any sort of diet that restricts a particular type of food, is that it gets me into situations where I make unhealthy decisions.

For example: I had an english muffin for breakfast. Yes, it was whole wheat, but it's still a ton of carbs. I also brought a banana with me. In an effort to cut carbs, should I skip the banana? I thought we were supposed to get 5-9+ servings of fruits and vegetables every day?

And I have yet to figure out a way to make a sandwich that is portable enough to bring to work without making a MESS, without using bread. So, to save carbs, do I skip the apple and carrots?

I know I'm not supposed to be eating crap like cookies and cake and ice cream. Duh! But when I restrict my carbs too much, I often find myself cutting out fruit....and I don't like that. It just doesn't seem right.

I also do not plan to teach my daughter that pasta is junk food. I would much rather she eat some WHITE (gasp!) tortellini than some frozen chicken nuggets made with god knows what.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/6/11 11:37 A

most fruits, and vegetables have a decent amt. of fiber, so if you are counting "net" carbs,you can actually eat quite a few carbs.If you eat 40 g of fiber, and 100 g of carbs.. you have only 60 net carbs.. most people lose quickly at this level.

Too many people focus on Induction for Atkins.. while South Beach levels seem to be fine.. but on maintenance they are close in total carbs

I lost on Atkins, I lost eating low cal, and I am losing on SP ranges( a little faster)..I think the most important thing is a food log, staying in a calorie range, and sticking to it.. good luck to all the low carbers.

The problem is that if the experts here say low carb is good, they open themselves up for lawsuits, as well as they don't believe in it.

Anyways.. you can change nutrition goals.. put your carbs to whatever daily total you wish.. just hit change nutrition goals button, and edit the carbs

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4/6/11 9:26 A

LOVE your post Determined56! We sound like we are in the same boat with the carbs. I am also doing the "plan that shall not be named" and am having good success with it. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this has to be a lifestyle, not just a short term thing, and I totally agree with you that it is sustainable. I honestly feel better than I have ever felt in my life since I started following this plan.

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4/6/11 5:39 A

Good post, Mitski
I eat carbs but they are not from grains. The vast majority of my carbs are from vegetables and fruits.
So technically, it is not the carbs themselves but the TYPE of carbs I am consuming that has made the biggest difference for me.

Nutrition is not one size fits all. Different people respond to different approaches. As long as you remain healthy, keep the weight off and it is a lifestyle change, not a diet, you have to tweak it for yourself.

MIZSKI SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/11 8:41 P

Fortunately there are enough LC SparkTeams and message boards out there to give newbie LCers some guidance. It would be nice if SP got on board to make it easier for the new folks.

Many many people don't realize that veggies have carbs and proclaim they are on a no carb diet when they really mean they've cut out grains and starches. Or they think that LC means eating animal proteins only.

Healthy LCing means getting away from all the processed and packaged convenience foods and sugars and eating some healthy proteins, veggies, fats and watching the amount of dairy, nuts, fruits, legumes and grains you eat. Grains especially are so very high carb as any food tracker will show. This was common sense years ago before Ancel Keys messed things up decades ago.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
4/5/11 7:55 P

I don't thinking LOSING100SLOWLY was suggesting that low-carb is a fad - rather that some low carb diets (e.g. extreme ones advocating nearly zero carbs and all the butter you want) might be fads

GORDITA_NO_MORE SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/11 7:52 P

IDIOTSAVANT, I'm new at this message board, so I have no clue if I did something wrong. If I did, I apologize. I just wanted to share how good eating LC has been for me and my health.

4/5/11 7:43 P

Low carb is not a fad. For some it is the way life has to be. It can be healthy, you choose what proteins you eat. People can change their eating habits in many different ways. Everybody has to eat they way that works for them best. Low carb works for me and my family. We look and feel better. My whole family is more active than ever.

LOSING100SLOWLY SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/11 7:29 P

Funny, I've heard a lot of people on here talking about watching their carbs. But I do notice a lot of distaste toward ANY "diet" plan, be it Atkins or 17 Day Diet or Flat Belly Diet. Because we're not here for a fad diet, we're here to change our lives.

I'm personally trying to lower my carbs, but I honestly don't know what the right ratio is. I don't personally consider pasta a junk food. And potatoes ARE a vegetable, like it or not! It's about balance. I will never remove things like pasta or fruit or potatoes or corn from my diet completely. I'll just eat smaller amounts, less often.

(Never read the book for the "diet that shall not be named" but I got the impression that many of these foods are forbidden, no matter the quantity)

JHKOENIG SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/11 3:54 P

Low carb plans are especially effective for men. Just about the only time I have dropped weight with any speed at all was when I committed to a low carb approach. I ate an enormous amount of cashews ;). which wasn't the best idea, but it worked. I dropped 5-8 pounds a week until I fit back into my swim suit.

If only I had kept it off....

IDIOTSAVANT SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/11 3:50 P

Gordita, you obviously haven't had any posts deleted yet due to unacceptable low-carb advice. I can write about what works for me, but I cannot tell anyone else what MIGHT work for them unless it agrees completely with the SparkePeople plan.

Strange how you can have the weirdest vegan-no-soy-or-gluten-is-the-only-way-to-
go comment stay up while the suggestion that someone might want to consider dealing with their pre-diabetes by reducing the carbs in their diet (rather than the increase that a typical ADA diabetic diet does) and the low-carb comment disappears within minutes. The diet plan that shall not be named, indeed!

GORDITA_NO_MORE SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/11 3:38 P

The diet plan that shall not be named...I LOVE IT!!!

BEARCLAW6 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/11 3:33 P

Thanks for doing that, Donna_W.

You can track foods for a low-carb diet here. But, you will have trouble tracking your exact 'Net Carbs'. They just aren't set up for it, and I suspect they really don't want to go there. You can't even just track fiber and subtract it from total carbs since many of the foods here have inaccurate or misleading numbers for the fiber. But, I still say it is a good program for general tracking of what you eat. I guess I am ok with the food tracker because I am not trying to be too perfect about the exact Net Carbs I eat each day. I just aim for 30 to 50ish total carbs and avoid all foods that are too starchy or sugary for me.

DONNA_W SparkPoints: (89,638)
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4/5/11 3:25 P

I just started to follow a low carb diet. Low carb definition = less than 30% of calories. While I'm not following the Atkins as it has too much fat for me and my cholesterol, I did just recalculate all my nutritional goals to plug into the nutritional goals here on SP. I did post it on another thread but some of you may find it useful.

emoticon emoticon

MIZSKI SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/11 2:30 A

I'm also probably on the "plan which shall not be named." Lost almost 150 lbs with it too so far.

I found the nutrition tracker here to be frustrating and despite my trying to override the nutritional stats, it seemed to continually override them especially if you look at their menu suggestions (which I was never able to use). I eat mostly whole foods so all the packaged products didn't work for me either. I ended up going with fitday PC which I love.

I will look at that diabetic option though. I love a lot of the features on SP it's just their food philosophies and mine don't agree. :)

ETA: I switched over to the diabetic plan but yikes with all the grains, fruit and ice cream. Glad I'm not diabetic but those foods aren't the way to go if you are.

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4/4/11 1:35 P

I wish that SP would at least give the option, if not endorse, the plan that shall not be named. I feel so much judgment sometimes from others who have all kinds of misinformation about the plan.
Here's a good article, to validate those of us who have chosen this way, because it works well with our body chemistry.

DETERMINED56 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/4/11 1:09 P

Yeah, I am also on the "PLAN THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED".love that!

I've tried a myriad of other approaches...and I read constantly. I am now convinced that one size does not fit all. This has worked in the past and is working again and it is sustainable. My biggest mistake was thinking literally that I could have my cake and eat it too. No pun intended.

I am very healthy, no meds and all great numbers.
In my next life however, my metabolism will be faster, and carbs (grains particularly) will be my friends.

Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 3
4/4/11 12:43 P

Wow...thank you so much for your input. I have been stressing out for days trying to figure this out. I broke down yesterday and bought the book for the Atkins diet. I need to loose fast. Knee surgery needs to be done and until I loose weight I can't have it. I will ask my doctor for a referal to the nutritionaist. Thank you again.

Fitness Minutes: (0)
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4/4/11 12:35 P

Thank you. I will try to do that. I appreciate the tip.

4/4/11 10:05 A

Try using the diabetic nutrition tracker (even if you are not diabetic). All it does is give you a glucose tracker (which you obviously dont have to use) but it also automatically gives you a low carb setting and unlike some of the other plans, it gives you a carb range for all 3 meals and 2 snacks. My hubby is on the hearth healthy tracker and it gives him a total range for the day at the bottom, but does not break it down per meal like my diabetic plan does. It is then easy to eat low carb b/c you know what range you should stay in for the whole day. It has allowed me to lose 50 lbs since January, and I never feel hungry or cheated. :)

ODIROM Posts: 727
4/4/11 9:13 A

Americans eat, on average, 300 grams of carbs a day.

If you were to cut that in half, or by 2/3 you would be at 150 or 100 grams of carbs a day, respectively.

This would be considered eating "lower carb". Now, eating in this style is, on Spark People, "the plan which shall not be named".

Spark People does not support that style of eating. Vegitarian, Vegangelical, Low fat, calorie restriction -- these are all supported by Spark; they all have a nice little check box to automatically set up a nutrition plan for these eating styles. Spark does not support the lifestyle choice of the eating plan that you are suggesting; hence, no check box.

Spark will tell you that you are free to follow whatever eating lifestyle you would like, as long as you are not negative in your vocalizations, or as long as you do not challenge their dietitians or Coaches. Spark makes the assertion that their system is based on years of sound research and because of this, you are not to publicly question it as this is a private web site.

I personally follow the "plan which shall not be named". I am down 40 lbs since August 1 of last year. I love the way I eat and I feel great. {Sarcasm}Anyone else who attempts to eat this way will likely be ruined physically and devoid of moral fiber {End sarcasm}

Outlined below are great steps.

Thank you,


Any questions on anything I have written here may be discussed with me personally in a sparkmail. Thank you.

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ANARIE Posts: 13,185
4/4/11 3:19 A


There really aren't any zero-carb foods except certain completely un-processed meats and pure oil. Eggs, dairy, and any food that comes from a plant (except vegetable oils) will have some carbohydrate. I can't imagine that your doctor really meant for you to go on an all-meat-and-oil diet. It would be a good idea to call back and find out exactly what they meant by "zero carb," and, more importantly, why. Then demand a referral to a registered dietitian who the doctor has worked with before and who has training in this type of treatment. A doctor who puts a patient on such an extreme program of treatment is responsible for giving her the information she needs to comply with it, so be pushy. It's the doctor's job to make sure you understand what you're supposed to do, why you're supposed to do it, and what the possible side effects are.

If it wasn't a medical doctor who told you to do this, hold off on it until you can talk to one. Zero carb means zero fiber, among other things, so unless you have a specific medical condition that requires it, this puts you at risk of a number of problems.

DONNA_W SparkPoints: (89,638)
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4/4/11 12:30 A

You can also add the the nutrient carb for low carb diet which tracks the net carbs (total - fiber) and set that to reflect what you want to keep within

Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 3
4/2/11 6:50 P

I am right there with you *Note* if there is a way to do this already would someone please enlighten me? I have been struggeling for 3 days to try to figure this out. If it is not already a feature, it would be nice to have the sight be able to search the food list according to how many carbs an item has. I have been placed on a 0 carb diet for 2 weeks and would be thrilled if I could have a way to enter to a search that would provide me a list of 0 carb foods, and I could plan my meals with those foods. The sight is so wonderful it probably already has a way to do this and I am just not figuring it out. Have you figured this out al all?...

LTFROMBC Posts: 571
3/19/11 10:34 P

Thanks so much CJ. Now I know what I have to do. Your instructions are simple and easy to follow - especially for me who hates math - LOL. I will make the appropriate change to my nutrional goals. Much appreciated.



JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
3/19/11 10:08 P

Nope, sorry you have to do it on your own. But it's pretty easy. Keep the calorie range the same, and I'll walk you through it. Just replace your own calorie high/low numbers compared to mine.

Example: Let's say I want 20% carbs, 45% protein, and 35% fat. I get 1600 calories at the low end, 2000 at the high end. What I'll do is divide the total calories per day by the amount of calories per GRAM of that substance (carbs/protein = 4 calories per gram, fat = 9 calories per gram.) Then, I will multiply the following number by the percentage I listed, so 20% becomes .2, 45% becomes .45, etc.

Low Range - Carb: 1600/4 = 400. 400 x .2 = 80grams.
High Range - Carb: 2000/4 = 500. 400 x .2 = 100 grams.

Low Range - Protein: 1600/4 = 400. 400 x .45 = 180 grams.
High Range - Protein: 2000/4 = 500. 500 x .45 = 225 grams.

Low Range - Fat: 1600/9 = 177.8. 177.8 x .35 = 62 grams.
High Range - Fat: 2000/9 = 222.2. 222.2 x .35 = 78 grams.

You can substitute ANY numbers you desire EXCEPT the 4's and the 9's. Those are unchangeable. Let me know if you need help, or if you're looking for a specific range.

LTFROMBC Posts: 571
3/19/11 9:44 P

I am needing to change to a low carb diet. How do I change my nutrition tracker to reflect this? Do I need to manually change the amounts in the nutrition goals - ie.e protien, carbs, fat, etc? I thought there was a box you could tick to change it to reflect a low carb diet, but don't see it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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