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4/1/13 7:53 A

The same thing happened to me I just wanted the emails for information those conditions run in my family I have notice there is no way to get out of that nutrition program now but I do love the information as I cook for those who have those conditions

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3/27/13 4:12 P


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3/27/13 3:38 P

If it's showing both Potassium amounts, just ignore one and use the other. Keep the emails. Win-win, right? It may be tracking potassium for a certain condition, but it's also giving you the normal potassium range. Maybe you can even edit the other nutrient to show the same range you want instead of the adjusted.

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3/27/13 2:46 P

Wow. I certainly didn't realize that signing up for those e-mails would change my nutrition plan. Guess I need to go back and NOT sign up for them.

That's interesting to me, because I suspect many people, just like me, want the e-mails to help PREVENT heart problems or diabetes. Also for me, my mother is diabetic and has been asking me questions, so I wanted to be more well-informed.

Guess I need to go back and opt out for those particular e-mails. If that doesn't change my potassium back to normal for my diet, I'll just start all over again.


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3/27/13 10:25 A

Hi Stephanie

Signing up for those emails would put you in the diabetes program. So that's probably why you have 2 goals. Sorry for the confusion!

Coach Jen

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3/27/13 8:43 A

Hi Becky!!

I did ask to receive weekly e-mails regarding heart health and diabetes, because my mother has diabetes and my great-grandmother had heart disease, so I just want to stay on top of my controllable risk factors to try to NOT end up with either disease.

But as far as I'm aware, I never switched programs. I've been a SP user for a long time so I'm pretty familiar with the site and don't normally do things accidentally. Do you know if signing up for those e-mails automatically switched my program?

The only reason I noticed both listings at this time is because my company is doing an incentive program that included an article they sent out about potassium. So I then looked further and noticed these two potassium listings in my nutrients.

Interestingly, in my list of nutrients, one just says potassium, and the other potassium K. But when I do my my daily report (like if I check at lunch to see where my nutrients are at for the day) from the bottom right-hand side of my Nutrition Tracker, they both say potassium, K.

Let me know if you think that requesting the weekly e-mails for heart health and diabetes added me to the heart health or diabetes plan.

Thanks so much for your help.


3/26/13 8:33 P

Let's begin with the first question. Since I know the answer to that one...
Our regular Sparkpeople program uses a potassium range of 3500-4700.

Our Sparkpeople Heart Healthy Plan and or Diabetes Plan uses a potassium range of 4500-6000. This is because potassium is so important to these conditions and therefore the recommended amount is higher. In fact, potassium is automatically added as a nutrient to track for the heart health program.

For the second question...Why is your program showing "both" listings??? I can not figure this out. Have you switched recently to the diabetes or heart healthy program or both? I played with my program doing this---but still only one listing is showing on my reports. Perhaps there is some sort of "glitch" with your program. Let me know if you have made the switch and that is when you started to notice both listings???

SP Dietitian Becky

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3/26/13 9:00 A

I just noticed that my Nutrition Tracker is showing Potassium twice, and they both say Potassium K, but they are different amounts suggested daily.

I went back to my "track a nutrient" and it says one is potassium and one Potassium K, but in my daily view of my nutrients (from the botton right of my tracker), it shows both times as Potassium K. This is very confusing, especially because one says I get enough daily; the other says I do not.

Can anybody tell me why it's showing twice, or what the difference is? Thanks for your help.

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