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Nutrition Spark Pts. Changed!

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Posts: 382
2/4/11 9:29 P

The must have changed it before I started using it but, I appreciate the suggestion because I am certainly benefitting from it.....

Posts: 176
2/4/11 7:18 P

I noticed but then thought maybe I was imagining it

SparkPoints: (8,508)
Fitness Minutes: (8,414)
Posts: 404
2/3/11 9:08 A

Yay! It helps keep me motivated to track ALLL my foods.

Posts: 5,068
2/2/11 5:37 P

I did not even notice, but thanks for letting us know. That's great.

Posts: 1,071
2/2/11 12:16 P

I didn't notice that. Thanks for making me aware!

Posts: 1,744
1/31/11 7:28 A

I never noticed, but glad more people are encouraged to do track food because of it.

Posts: 109
1/30/11 9:08 P

I did not notice that but I like it...alot !!!

Posts: 2,139
1/30/11 8:29 P

I LOVE it! The only thing I'm not thrilled about (and I don't know if this was changed recently because I just started using groupings) is that food groupings only count as one entry. I usually use the groupings for breakfast, lunch & snacks & don't get the 10 points unless I eat a lot of items for dinner!

Posts: 7,647
1/30/11 5:36 P

Yes, I saw it but wasn't sure what it meant. Now I know! Thanks!

Posts: 379
1/30/11 3:30 P

I did see that. Love it!

SparkPoints: (203,739)
Fitness Minutes: (78,967)
Posts: 32,670
1/30/11 4:33 A

I did not see that! Now if we could get more points for reading people's blogs that would be great too!

SparkPoints: (15,640)
Fitness Minutes: (2,801)
Posts: 545
1/29/11 4:29 P

No, I hadn't noticed until now! Thanks for the "heads up."


SparkPoints: (43,853)
Fitness Minutes: (43,663)
Posts: 1,957
1/29/11 11:12 A

Did anyone notice the change in points for tracking your nutrition? A Sparker suggested that more points should be given to tracking food to give more encouragment for people to do it. They took the suggestion seriously and changed it! Way to Go Spark!

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