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12/2/12 4:55 P

Like others said, weigh it. A serving of Sabra Hummus is 1oz. So, I put a plate on my scale, zero it out, then put on whatever I'm eating it with, carrots, celery, peppers, until those are where I want them (usually 3oz), then zero it again, and add the hummus.

If i'm not being as careful about my calories, I just eyeball it. 1oz actually is pretty similar to a heaping large tablespoonful.

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12/2/12 4:31 P

Agree...weigh it on the scale.

ANARIE Posts: 13,172
12/2/12 3:29 P

Legally, the nutrition info has to correspond to the weight, not the volume. I've always actually thought it was easier to weigh things like hummus and peanut butter that stick to the measuring spoon!

As to whether to adjust... How far is it off? If you're getting 15 tablespoons instead of 16 out of a whole container, the difference in calories is so small that it's just not worth the math. And you might not even be eating that difference; that could be the total of all the tiny bits left in the container and the measuring spoon. If the difference is more than a tablespoon, then it might be time to contact the company to find out if they've changed their recipe/process without updating the label.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,152
12/2/12 3:21 P

All foods are portioned into containers by weight. Volume is included as a more convenient measure on the label, but it is not what is used when calculating serving size. Try weighing out portions and you should get at least 20 servings.

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12/2/12 2:46 P

So, a serving is hummus is 2 Tbsp. There are 10 servings per container.

I measure out my hummus into "servings". I do not round the T, it is flat... But I never get 20 Tbsp out of a container. .

SO, should I adjust the nutrition (like Calories) upwards to indicate that over the course of time I ate a whole container I consumed 700 Calories, or just ignore it and count it as what it says 2 Tbsp is...

I guess I can weigh it like I weigh most solids, but when it comes to hummus or oils it seems a lot easier to use a volume measure!

I know this is random but I can't be the only one who gets a discrepancy on some food label verse their own measure... How do you deal with it when it happens?

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